Saturday, May 28, 2016

Helping Actors by Featuring your Acting on!

Would you like to be a featured actor on

Freedrama will select a video created by an actor or group of actors featuring a script written by D. M. or Shiela Larson. The video will be shown on the main Freedrama webpage. This could mean thousands of views for your video!

To be considered, select a script from or written by D. M. or Shiela Larson.  Create a video of this script and upload it to YouTube or Vimeo. Be sure that a link to the script you used it included in the description as well as list the author.  Email the link to or post the link the blog comments below.

We will have other prizes as well including t-shirts, magnets and even cash so submit your video now!

Remember be sure to include a link to the script you use and credit the author.  Video that do not do this will not be considered.

See examples of videos below:

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