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Beauty IS a Beast Part 10 Forever Transformed Scene Play for Kids Free Script

Beauty IS a Beast by D. M. Larson

ISBN-13: 978-1511495967


(Kids enter as NICK and PRINCESS exit)

PATTY: There go Nick and his girlfriend.

CINDY: He likes her doesn't he?

PETER: I'll bet he marries her.

JIMMY: He will not.

PETER: Will so.

JIMMY: Will not.
(JANIE enters with kettle, followed by PRINCESS and NICK with bowls)

PATTY: Dinner!

JANIE: Sit children and we'll serve you.

CINDY: I want Beauty to serve me.
(PRINCESS sighs and gives a bowl to CINDY)

JIMMY: I want Beauty to serve me too.

PETER: Me too.

JIMMY: Me first!

PRINCESS: (Throws down a bowl)
What do I look like? A servant?

JIMMY: (Cries) She yelled at me!

PRINCESS: Oh, golly.

JANIE: (Tries to comfort him)
It's okay, Jimmy. She didn't mean it.

PRINCESS: Quiet! I can't stand all that noise.
(Other kids start to cry)

Now, look here. You can't go around and yell at my family.
We've tried to be nice to you and look how you treat us.

PRINCESS: Fine, I'll leave.

MANDY: (Youngest girl stops her)
Beauty. Please don't go.


MANDY: You can stay. I'll take care of you. I'll feed you and make you pretty dresses.

PRINCESS: (Plops down and cries)
It doesn't matter what I do. You all still like me. I don't understand.

MANDY: It's because you're beautiful.

PRINCESS: Not anymore.

MANDY: I can see it inside you.

Thank you.

Please let her stay.


NICK: Only if she cleans up that bowl of stew she threw down.

MANDY: I'll do it for her.

NICK: No. Only she can do it, or she needs to go.

MANDY: Please, Beauty. Please clean it up. We want you to stay.

JIMMY: I'm not mad at you. Please, don't leave.

PRINCESS: Fine. I'll clean it up.

KIDS: Yeah!
(PRINCESS starts to clean)

JANIE: That's good enough.

NICK: No, she has to clean it all.
(PRINCESS continues)

PRINCESS: Hey, you know. This isn't so bad. In fact, it's almost fun. Give me a broom, I want to clean the rest of the room.
(CINDY gets her a broom)
This is fun.

NICK: Okay, okay. You did it. You can stop now.

PRINCESS: No, this is great. I've never had this kind of fun.

NICK: I've created a monster.
(KIDS cheer PRINCESS on as lights fade to black)

FAIRY: (A light appears on her)
And clean she did. Beauty attacked every piece of dirt like she was dueling an evil, fire-breathing dragon. "Take that, dirt. Take that!" She had never done anything as difficult, or as fun, or as wonderful. She cleaned until the sun faded in the West and she couldn't see the end of the broom anymore. She was tired but happy, and forever transformed.


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ISBN-13: 978-1511495967

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