Monday, June 6, 2016

Beauty IS a Beast Part 12 Inner Beauty Scene for child actors from stage play script

Beauty IS a Beast by D. M. Larson

ISBN-13: 978-1511495967


(CINDY and SAM wander in unnoticed)

NICK: Who said you weren't beautiful?

PRINCESS: I look dreadful.

NICK: I don't think you look so bad.
(CINDY motions in other KIDS)


NICK: Really. You look good enough to kiss.
(He leans in and KIDS start giggling)
What are you all doing in here? You're supposed to be in bed.

MANDY: We wanted to see you kiss her.
(KIDS giggle)

NICK: Go back to bed.
(KIDS exit)
Sorry about that.

PRINCESS: That's okay.

NICK: So what do we do now?

PRINCESS: I don't know.

NICK: Should I go get the Scribe? We can show him your birthmark and then you can go home.

PRINCESS: And you can get your hundred gold pieces for
bringing me back home.

NICK: How did you know about that?

PRINCESS: Janie told me.

NICK: I don't want any reward.

PRINCESS: You're crazy not to take it.

NICK: I should be paying them a hundred pieces of gold for letting me spend time with you.

PRINCESS: But I've been terrible to you and your family.

NICK: You may have upset me at times. But there's something about you. The way you are that makes me never want to let you go. It's not your beauty, it's you.

PRINCESS: Oh, Nick. (They hug)

NICK: Your fairy godmother took the beauty on the outside and put it on the inside.

PRINCESS: Thank you.


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ISBN-13: 978-1511495967

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