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Beauty IS a Beast Part 2 Scene Poor Honor free acting stage play script for kids

Beauty IS a Beast by D. M. Larson

ISBN-13: 978-1511495967


(FAIRY appears)

FAIRY: Ahhh. Poor Honor. That girl has put up with so much. Beauty has always treated her so badly, but Honor continues to be as kind as ever. I must do something for Honor. I must reward her for her goodness in some way. Maybe I could give her a golden brush, a magic mirror. Oh, I know.
(Snaps her fingers)
How about a handsome prince?
(ANDRES walks in. Stands proudly)
Yes, that should do nicely. That will infuriate Beauty for sure.
But how can I keep Beauty from stealing him? Oh, I know.
(Snaps her fingers and ANDRES stumbles and waves his arms around)
I'll make him blind. That will protect him from Beauty's powers.
(FAIRY disappears. PEASANTS go about their business until they see ANDRES)

SAM: Look! Over there. A stranger.

JANIE: He looks like a prince.

MEG: That's Prince Andres of Acrime.

TIM: He's rich.

JO: And powerful.

SAM: He must be here to see our Princess Beauty.

JANIE: Or maybe he's here to see her sister, Honor.

MEG: But Beauty is so much prettier.

TIM: But Honor is so much nicer.

JO: Maybe he's here to see us.

SAM: Dream on.

ANDRES: Good peasants.
(ANDRES is guided by servants because of his blindness)

JANIE: Hello, good prince.

ANDRES: Is this the castle of the fair princess of Callentine?

MEG: Maybe. Which princess?

ANDRES: Oh, yes. There is more than one.

TIM: Beauty and Honor.

ANDRES: Yes. This is the castle I seek. Thank you good people.
(He tosses them gold coins)

JO: Thank you, good sir!

(ANDRES exits with servants)

SAM: But he never said whom he was coming for.

MEG: I'm sure we'll find out. No one can ever keep a secret in this kingdom.

JANIE: Why are you looking at me?

TIM: Come, we're late for the party.
(THEY all rush off to the party and FAIRY reappears)

FAIRY: I just love a party. They might as well call it a surprise party because Beauty is going to get the surprise of her life.
And she ain't gonna like it one bit.
(Snaps her fingers and lights go black)


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ISBN-13: 978-1511495967


  1. This is a real life and heart touching story. It has motivated me so much

  2. This is a real life and heart touching story. It has motivated me so much


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