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Beauty IS a Beast Part 3 Party Scene free acting play script for young actors

Beauty IS a Beast by D. M. Larson

ISBN-13: 978-1511495967


(Many people are attending the party. Everyone is in fancy costumes and dancing to the music. HONOR and the KING join in. BEAUTY hangs back and looks pretty)

HONOR: (After dancing) Come dance the next dance, sister.

PRINCESS: I don't want to mess up my dress.

HONOR: But it's so fun.

PRINCESS: There are some things more important than having fun.

HONOR: Like what?

PRINCESS: Go and enjoy yourself. I'll wait here for the prince to arrive.

HONOR: He already has.

PRINCESS: What? And he didn't say hi to me yet. Hasn't he spotted my absolute beauty? Hasn't he seen how radiant I am today?

HONOR: Uh, Beauty.


HONOR: He hasn't seen anything.

PRINCESS: What do you mean?

HONOR: He's blind.

PRINCESS: Blind? You mean he can't see?

HONOR: I'm afraid not.

PRINCESS: He can't even see my beautiful new dress?

HONOR: I'm sorry.

PRINCESS: (Nervous) Then, then I'll have to go talk to him.

HONOR: That would be a lovely idea.

PRINCESS: Yes, talk. I can do that.

HONOR: Come. I'll introduce you.

PRINCESS: Yes, yes. Okay. Just give me a minute.

HONOR: I'll bring him over.
(HONOR goes to get ANDRES)

PRINCESS: Oh, dear. What am I going to say? What can we
talk about? "What do you think of my hair?" No, I can't say that. "What do you think of my shoes?" No, that won't work either. What shall I do?

HONOR: (Brings over ANDRES) Andres. This is my sister, Beauty.

(ANDRES holds out his hand. PRINCESS reluctantly reaches out her hand. ANDRES takes her hand)

ANDRES: It is a pleasure to meet you.
(He kisses her hand)

PRINCESS: So good to meet you too.
Uh, so. How do you like my, I mean, how do you like?

ANDRES: The party?


ANDRES: It's wonderful. Especially the music. I love the music.

PRINCESS: I hadn't noticed.

ANDRES: It's delightful.

PRINCESS: Well, guess you want to run along.

ANDRES: Honor did say she was going to give me a tour of the kingdom after the party. I'm looking forward to it.

PRINCESS: You are?

HONOR: It's such a beautiful day outside. It should be lovely.

ANDRES: Your sister has been so kind to me. I wish I'd heard about your kingdom years ago.

PRINCESS: (Insincere) Yes, me too.

HONOR: Come, Andres. Let's have one more dance.

PRINCESS: You can dance?

ANDRES: Well, not really.

HONOR: But I can't either, so we make perfect partners.

ANDRES: We do!

PRINCESS: Yes, I guess you do.
(Another dance begins and HONOR and ANDRES join in. PRINCESS watches unhappily)
Some sister Honor is. She goes and steals my prince.

PRINCESS: Well, I'll show her. When I'm declared Queen of the Ball, as usual, then Andres will realize who the best princess is.


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ISBN-13: 978-1511495967

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