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Beauty IS a Beast Part 4 Scene Queen of the Ball free acting play script for kids

Beauty IS a Beast by D. M. Larson

ISBN-13: 978-1511495967


KING: Attention everyone! Attention!
(Everyone gathers around)
We now must crown the Queen of the Ball.
(PRINCESS crosses to her father proudly)
And for the first time, the voting was unanimous. The envelope please.
(SCRIBE brings envelope)
And the winner is, Princess Honor.
(HONOR is shocked, as is PRINCESS. ANDRES cheers, as do the PEOPLE)

PEOPLE and ANDRES: Hip-hip hurray! Hip-hip hurray.

(HONOR is crowned and given flowers. She is embarrassed)

HONOR: This is such a special day for me. I will remember this always.

KING: As our Queen of the Ball, you have the opportunity to make one royal decree.

PRINCESS: (to a nearby person) No one can top my last one: a chance to vote on which dress I look best in. I spent a whole day modeling my dresses. What a chore.

HONOR: As Queen of the Ball, I decree that tomorrow will be a holiday.

PEOPLE: No work! Hurray.

HONOR: And we will have a feast for ALL the people of our kingdom. Rich and poor.

PEOPLE: Hurray!


PRINCESS: She's only allowed one thing. That's two.
(She is totally ignored)

HONOR: We, we,
(HONOR is totally embarrassed. ANDRES steps forward)

ANDRES: Tomorrow we will have a wedding. Honor has agreed to marry me.


PEOPLE: Hip-hip hurray! Hip-hip hurray!
(PEOPLE crowd around ANDRES and HONOR and they all hurry off stage excitedly. SERVANTS linger, cleaning up)

PRINCESS: I can't believe this. They didn't even notice me today. I might as well be invisible.
(FAIRY godmother appears)

FAIRY: That can be arranged.
(She taps PRINCESS with her wand.)

PRINCESS: Hey! What did you just do?

FAIRY: I made you invisible.

PRINCESS: You did?

FAIRY: I did. You have been the center of attention for too long. It's time you learned what it's like not to be noticed.

PRINCESS: Who do you think you are?

FAIRY: I'm your fairy godmother.

PRINCESS: Aren't you supposed to be nice to me?

FAIRY: I was once. I'm the one who made you beautiful when you were a baby. Now I'm here to correct my error.

PRINCESS: Error. That was no error.

FAIRY: It was Beauty. You may be lovely on the outside but you
are ugly on the inside.

PRINCESS: How dare you call me ugly!

FAIRY: You must stay invisible until you learn!

PRINCESS: Invisible huh? This could be fun.
(She kicks a servant who thinks its another one. They get in a fight as a result)
Oh, how lovely.
(She pulls another servant's hair)

FAIRY: Oh, dear.
(PRINCESS picks up something and makes it float around)

MOLLY: It's a ghost.
(SERVANTS scream and run out)

PRINCESS: This is great!

FAIRY: Maybe I need to rethink this.
(Zaps PRINCESS and she freezes)
Perhaps there is another way.
(She waves her wand)
Zippidy , wippidy , mippidy . do. You pick on servants and now they will pick on you!
(PRINCESS collapses and BLACKOUT)



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ISBN-13: 978-1511495967


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