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Beauty IS a Beast Part 7 Scene Nick's Humble Home free kids stage play script for child actors

Beauty IS a Beast by D. M. Larson

ISBN-13: 978-1511495967

PART 7 - SCENE - Nick's Humble Home

(NICK takes PRINCESS to his humble home. It's a simple peasant's home)

NICK: Here we are.

PRINCESS: (Not pleased) Oh.

NICK: What's wrong?

PRINCESS: You live here?

NICK: That's right. You're used to your huge castle and all your fancy stuff.

PRINCESS: You're making fun of me aren't you?

NICK: I'm sorry. It's just a little hard to believe you're the princess.

PRINCESS: Well, I don't care what you think. I'll get along just fine without you.

NICK: Now, don't be like that. You're welcome to stay as long as you like. Aren't you hungry?
(Holds out some bread to her)

PRINCESS: (Eyes bread) Just a little.

NICK: Then eat.
(She takes it and eats greedily)
You are hungry.

PRINCESS: Where's that big family of yours you told me about on the way over here?

NICK: They're probably out for their afternoon walk.
(Hears them coming)
There they are now.
(They march in happily)

PETER: Hello, Nick!

NICK: Hello, family. I have great news.

PATTY: You found a goose that lays golden eggs?

NICK: Almost as good. I won the strong man contest. I won five pieces of gold.

KIDS: WOW! Way to go.

JANIE: That's wonderful. That can feed us for a year.

NICK: Well, maybe not a year, but it will sure help.

CINDY: (She notices PRINCESS) Who's this, Nick?

JIMMY: Is it your girlfriend?

NICK: This is a friend in need.

SAM: What's her name?

PRINCESS: Beauty. My name is Beauty.
(Some of the kids laugh)

JANIE: Don't laugh. Even though she may not be beautiful on the outside, she must be beautiful on the inside. That's the most important Beauty.

NICK: Well said, sister.

JANIE: Children. Run along and do your chores. Dinner will be ready soon.
(KIDS leave except for JANIE and NICK)

PRINCESS: If only that were true. I'm afraid I'm ugly inside and out.

JANIE: You mustn't say that.

PRINCESS: But I am ugly on the inside. That's why I was turned ugly on the outside too, because that's all that was important to me.

JANIE: Come with me. Let's fix you up and we'll see if we can't find that beauty again.


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ISBN-13: 978-1511495967

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