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Beauty IS a Beast Part 8 More Visitors free kids play script for young actors

Beauty IS a Beast by D. M. Larson

ISBN-13: 978-1511495967

PART 8 - SCENE - More Visitors to Nick's Humble Home

(JANIE and PRINCESS exit out back L. There is a knock R)

NICK: (Answers door)

SCRIBE: I am the royal scribe. We are offering a reward for anyone who knows where Princess Beauty is. 100 pieces of gold.

NICK: 100 pieces? That's a fortune!

SCRIBE: So if you see her,

NICK: I will let you know.

SCRIBE: Good day.

NICK: Uh, wait a minute. How do I know if it's her?

SCRIBE: She's the most beautiful woman in the kingdom. You can't miss her.

NICK: But what if something happened? What if she got dirty or messed up somehow? How could you tell it was she?

SCRIBE: That's a good question. Let me see, Oh, I know. She has a birthmark on her foot. You can't miss it when she takes off her shoes, which she rarely does. It's the one imperfection in her perfect beauty.

NICK: Thank you. I'll let you know.

SCRIBE: Good day, then.

NICK: (Puts two and two together)
I wonder,
(There's another knock at the door)
Who could that be?

JILL: Hi, Nick.

NICK: Oh, hi, Jill.

JILL: Aren't you happy to see me?

NICK: Well,

JILL: I decided to forgive you for insulting me today.

NICK: You have, huh?

JILL: Yes, you were such a brute to me, but I can't help myself. I still like you.

NICK: Lucky me.

JILL: So do you still want to go to the dance with me?

NICK: I already told you!

JILL: It won't cost us anything. I hear Princess Honor is paying for everything.

NICK: Princess Honor?

JILL: It's her wedding ball. Everyone is invited. And it's free!

NICK: I heard it was canceled.

JILL: What?!

NICK: Princess Honor refuses to get married until Beauty is found.

JILL: Leave it to Beauty to ruin my plans. I hope they never find her.

NICK: That's a terrible thing to say.

JILL: She's so mean and awful. The only good thing about her is
her looks.

NICK: I'm sure she's a good, honest person like the rest of us.

JILL: I doubt it.

NICK: So I guess we don't have to worry about the dance now.

JILL: I guess not. Do you want to go for a walk instead?

NICK: No, thanks.

JILL: Why not?

NICK: I have company.

JILL: You always have company.

NICK: Guess you'll be going then?

JILL: What's his name?

NICK: Whose name?

JILL: Your guest?

NICK: You mean, her name?

JILL: It's a "her?"

NICK: Actually, she says she's Princess Beauty but she looks nothing like her.

JILL: So do you like her?

NICK: I just met her.

JILL: But do you like her?

NICK: There's something about her, something special.

JILL: I can see I'm not wanted. I better go.

NICK: Please don't be mad, Jill.

JILL: But I thought you liked me?

NICK: I do, as, a friend.

JILL: But I'm so beautiful. How could you not like me?

NICK: There are more important things than beauty?

JILL: Fine, then. Good-bye, forever.
(She runs out)

NICK: I'd be worried about her, but she said the same thing to me last week.


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ISBN-13: 978-1511495967

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