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Beauty IS a Beast Part 9 Spoiled Brat Scene free stage play script for school children

Beauty IS a Beast by D. M. Larson

ISBN-13: 978-1511495967


(KIDS return)

Are you finished with your chores?
(They nod)
Are you washed up for dinner?
(They look at each other nervously)
NICK: You know the rules. No washing. No dinner.
(They reluctantly exit to wash up but stop when they see PRINCESS enter)
Wow. You look great.
(Kids nod)
What did you do, Janie?

JANIE: A little scrubbing and a nice dress did a little bit of magic.

SAM: You're pretty.

CINDY: Nick thinks so, too.

NICK: Run along kids and wash up.
(They do)

JANIE: What's wrong, Beauty?

PRINCESS: I don't understand why you've been so kind to me.
I've never done anything for you. I don't have money to give you or anything else.

NICK: We are always willing to help those in need.

JANIE: Before they died, Mother and Father made us promise to always help people.

NICK: Half these kids aren't even really our brothers and sisters. They're orphans.

JANIE: Like us.

PRINCESS: But why? You don't owe them anything.

NICK: There's more to life than owing people something.

JANIE: I best go out and get the stew. It's cooking over the fire outside.

NICK: And Beauty can help serve.


NICK: Would you mind?

PRINCESS: I've never served anyone.

NICK: This is a good time to start.

PRINCESS: Do I have to?

JANIE: She's our guest Nick. She shouldn't need to.

NICK: Whatever you say.
(JANIE exits)
I can't believe you.


NICK: Janie was nice enough to clean you up and give you her best dress. Now you won't help her with dinner.

PRINCESS: But I'm a princess. We don't serve.

NICK: You're a spoiled brat is what you are.

PRINCESS: How dare you!

NICK: How dare you.

PRINCESS: What about you?

NICK: Huh?

PRINCESS: I don't see you serving either.

NICK: But I'm a man.

PRINCESS: Well, who's the spoiled brat now?

NICK: That's different.

PRINCESS: Oh, I see. The women serve the men. That's how it works.

NICK: It's no worse than EVERYONE having to serve the princess.

PRINCESS: It's a totally different thing all together.

NICK: Wait, wait. Let's not fight. I have an idea. Why don't we both go help Janie?

PRINCESS: I suppose that would be a good compromise.

NICK: Let's do it.


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ISBN-13: 978-1511495967

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