Monday, June 13, 2016

Superhero Support Group Part 7 World Without Supers free funny stage play script for actors

Superhero Support Group by D. M. Larson

PART 7 - World Without Supers

So who's next?

Will the world really be okay without Supers?

It's time for the world to solve their own problems.

People are so demanding.  Always wanting more and more.  Now they just expect me to help.  They hardly ever say thank you anymore.

Lift this, crush that, open that jar... I feel so used sometimes.

A friendly thank you would do or even a nice greeting card.

Or cookies.  I wish someone would bake me some cookies.  That would be all the thanks I need.

(Dogboy and Smack start to tear up.)

Supers are the ultimate co-dependents.  Always looking for problems.  Never happy if there isn't a crisis.  Getting themselves involved with demanding citizens who don't appreciate them for who they are.  You can never do enough to please them.
Dogboy and Smack are crying loudly now.

It's true.  It's never enough.

Come in, friends.  We'll take care of all this for you.  No more stress.  No more worries.

(Doctor takes Dogboy and Smack in to office.  Shade comes out of hiding.)

And then there was one.  We have finally met our match.

(Lights fade to black.)

From the published play "Between Good and Evil" 
ISBN-13: 978-1502982308

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