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To Be A Star play for kids and best monologues with optional dance scenes

To BE A STAR by D. M. Larson

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"To Be A Star" is a stage play script about a group of young dancers who want to be stars.

There are dance scenes in between each acting scene. The choreography for the dance scenes is up to the individual producer.  The songs are only suggestions and permission for use of the songs are not pre-arranged and permission to use them must be arranged separately.

The play is written for 20 females and 6 males but these parts can be adjusted and expanded to fit a variety of cast members.

CAST OF CHARACTERS (20 females/6 males):

Scene 1 - 6 females: MISSY, BETH, PENNY, IZZY, LULU, KAYLA

Scene 3 - 5 females, 2 males: JOE, LUCY, AMY, SARAH, MEGAN, CHUCK, PATTY

Scene 5 - 4 females, 4 males: MOE, GUARD, ALEXIS, BRIANNA, FRED, MORGAN, SAM, VICTORIA

Scene 7 - 5 females: ZOEY, GRACE, HANNAH, AVA, FORTUNA


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There are some excellent monologues in this play including "My Dream" and "Mauled" as well as "Staying Power" (below):

BETH: Now those stars up there in the sky having staying power.  I can always count on them. I can always look up and know they'll be there for me.  The stars on Earth burn out too quickly.  They have a moment where they shine so bright but then poof. They're gone. A memory.  Sometimes not even that.  But with the stars in the sky, I know they'll be there night after night, always there for me to make a wish. What do I wish for?  (thinks a moment) Hope.  I wish for hope.  Hope for the world.  Hope for peace. Hope for a future where no one is more important than anyone else and money is a thing of the past.  A future where everyone is taken care of no matter how little they have.  I just want to be taken care of... cared for... that's what I hope for.  That's my wish.


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