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Discover Free Acting Monologues from Freedrama

These monologues are excellent for auditions, workshops, classrooms and competitions. Freedrama gives you a chance to use some new, original, fresh monologues that have not been performed over and over again. By using a monologue that isn’t as familiar, you’ll give the casting director a chance to enjoy the overall audition and focus on you as an individual actor.

Otherwise you might be compared to other actors who have used the same monologue or worse… you’ll pick a monologue that the casting director is sick of hearing or that is being used by another actor at the same audition.  Check out some great, newer monologues including many that are from published plays at


1. Be sure to find a monologue that is right for your age. For example, don't pick one about a mother, father, wife or husband if you're not old enough to be one.
2. Select a monologue you can relate to. Find one that has an experience you share or an emotional you can connect to. Look for a character you understand or that is similar to yourself.

Find free scripts for actors at and find a category that best fits you.


The main mistake I see new actors make when performing monologues is that they pick only one emotion and use it throughout the whole monologue.

One example is with the monologue called Demons -
When I had actors try the Demons monologue, several selected one sad or angry emotion and used it throughout which made it a boring performance. The best performances were the ones who selected different types of emotions for different parts of the script. Even though the whole monologue is sad, there are elements of anger, fear, hurting, desperation, madness and even love. The actors that found different emotions to use in different parts were the most interesting and enjoyable to listen to.


The short monologues below are a good way to help you work through your stage fright if this is something you struggle with. By practicing short monologues, it can boost your confidence.

Don't feel bad about being nervous. Some very famous people had stage fright: Elvis Presley, Barbra Streisand, Meryl Streep and Sir Laurence Olivier.
Stage fright is a challenge a lot of people have. I've acted many times but I still get nervous right before I go on. But once I start performing I totally forget about the people and focus on my character. Focus only on your character and your story. Become that character. If you become the character, then it is this other person up there and not yourself. If you need to face the audience, don't look at anyone. Pick a point to look at in the back of the room and focus on that. Many performers (including myself) use the nervous energy and put it in their performance.

Singer Stevie Nicks explains how this helps her performance rather than hurts it. "If you have stage fright, it never goes away. But then I wonder: is the key to that magical performance because of the fear?"

For short monologues, go to

Freedrama also has free monologues for teen and child actors: (teen) and (children)

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