Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Teaching a new generation communication skills

Kids these days!  I just had to say that.  But students of this new generation have different needs from previous generations.  In a world filled with technology, skills such as communication, public speaking and teamwork are needed more than ever since they tend to atrophy around computers and smart phones.  

A great way to teach all these skills from communication to public speaking to teamwork is through drama games.  Drama games (aka improv) encourages students to communicate with each other in joint activities as well as build team skills. Being a good team member and knowing how to express yourself is essential with improv games.  There are simple games that all levels of learners can enjoy and participate in from "Pass the Ball" to the "Shrinking Box."

I'm not anti-technology, I love the internet and it's an excellent educational resource, but there is value in taking a step away from technology, unplugging and doing some drama.  

Find free drama games at http://www.freedrama.net/improv.html

Or if you are a teacher and need professional development credits, then you can take my low cost drama games course from Heritage Online (Antioch University) - http://www.hol.edu/view_course.cfm?cid=2759

"Learn how to use drama techniques to  make everyday classroom lessons come to life. Drama Games give teachers a new educational tool for any subject by using improvisational theatre concepts as an active form of learning.  Improvisational theatre gives students a fun and interactive way to learn English, reading, literature, history, communications, speech and much more.  The activities in this course can be used with all ages of students and in any classroom setting.  Text is approximately $18 on Amazon."


  1. It sounds like there are some really cool stuff for this course on acting

  2. It sounds like there are some really cool stuff for this course on acting