Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Featured Christmas Holiday Stage Play Scripts for Free Use by Teachers, Directors, Students and Actors

Here are some great script you that work well in during the Christmas holiday season for the stage, classroom or film project:

"Ebony Scrooge" A Modern Christmas Carol one act play with a female lead character. There are several good Christmas holiday monologues from this play including "My Punishment," "Greed Killed Her," and "The Spirit of Christmas Indigestion."

Art by Shiela Larson

"Black Friday Selfie" short comedy play for 2 actors about shopping on the most dangerous day of the year... Black Friday! - There is a funny monologue version as well.

"Songs of the Pioneers" A children's play that can be done as a musical which has an old frontier theme that can be done as a holiday play. It's a good script for celebrating the winter holidays in general.

"Shakespearean Santa" short comedy play for two actors focusing on the story of Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer in an over-dramatic way - Christmas holiday funny duologue

"Waiting for Christmas" short play for 4 or more actors about trying to find the true meaning of Christmas - Hint: the answer is not shopping :) - There is a monologue version as well.

Here are some Christmas Holiday Improv Games and Mini-Show Ideas that can be fun for the classroom, performance or a party!

And here are two monologues for child actors about the first Christmas: "The First Star of Night" and "Thank You Star"

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