Monday, November 21, 2016

Free Film School and Free Video Scripts - Free Help for Filmmakers

Introducing our Freedrama 

Free Online Film School

Please try out our first three lessons now... we'd love your feedback!


"The Dead Ones"

Short Civil War Scene for 2 Male Actors (2 m)

"Chile Pepper Chicks Webcast"

Short Comedy Scene for 2 Female Actors (2 f)

"Looks Get in the Way"

Short Romantic Comedy for 2 Actors (1 m 1 f)

"I Will Come"

Short sci fi movie script (1 m 1 f)

"Love Me Again"

Short sci fi romance - movie script for two-three actors (1-2 m 1 f)

"Do It Quick"

short western movie script for two actors (1 m 1 f)

"Blood Lovers"

short horror movie script for two actors (1 m 1 f)


short animated movie script (3 voices)

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