Monday, November 21, 2016

Free Online Film School Part 1

Free Online Film School!     
Part 1

Do you really need to go to film school to be a filmmaker?  

free online film school

This is going to sound strange coming from a teacher but the answer is no.

free online film school

There are a lot of good reasons to get a degree:
University degrees WILL help you get jobs.  
You WILL have more opportunities in your future because you have a college degree…

free online film school I’m not anti-education.  In fact, university courses can help you expand your mind and make you a better filmmaker overall...

free online film school

BUT... do you NEED film classes?  Not necessarily.

The best way to learn filmmaking is by doing. It is something that is hands-on and can only be learned while doing it. The best learning is done from other filmmakers. That’s how I learned, from working professionals. I am now working full time as a videographer and I have won a couple Emmy Awards so this way of learning has worked well for me. I’m not saying it is for everyone but from what I have seen and heard, learning by doing and learning from professionals is the way to go.

free online film school

The Freedrama Online Film School is only an introduction to help you get started.  This is a first step on your journey and focuses on people who are new to filmmaking.  I want to introduce you to the basics and help you plan your journey ahead.  This isn’t a training that will instantly turn you into a filmmaker, but it is a good start.  In this class, I wanted to share some of my experiences with you and in the spirit of my Freedrama website, I’m doing it for FREE!  
free online film school

With this film school, you can earn a certificate if you complete all the discussions and assignments for the Freedrama 2016 Film School.  To get credit for the assignment, you must post a reply to each discussion and complete the requirements for that discussion. Then you must respond to another person in the discussion and offer POSITIVE feedback. If you post anything negative, you will not receive a certificate for this class. Filmmaking is about teamwork and being a team player. A great way to foster good teamwork is to be positive and support other filmmakers.

free online film school

For your first assignment, introduce yourself and tell us why you want to be a filmmaker.

free online film school

In the discussion below, answer the question, “why do you want to make movies?” Post your reply to this question in the comments below and then offer positive feedback to another student in the class.

You can type your answer or answer as a video or audio blog and post a link.



  1. Hi...
    Am called Godwill Tetah.
    Am a cameroonian
    I have always had the passion to become a film make and produce movies because I love acting.
    I am a fan of entertainment and will like to do all the editing and production myself.
    Also, I believe I can reach to soo many people or youths and encourage them in my acting.

  2. I have a keen interest in taking an idea, and developing it, fleshing out the characters and shaping a world never before seen.


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