Thursday, December 1, 2016

How Plagiarism Hurts Authors - I Need Your Help

When I started in 2001, I wanted to offer my scripts for free to schools and community theatre groups. I was getting my play published, but I wasn't making much money from royalties. I tried out advertising on my website as a way to generate some income and it worked out great. The ads paid better than publications so it was win-win. People could use my scripts for free and I could work toward my goal of being a full time writer.

I was getting close to achieving my dream... being a full time writer and sharing my scripts on my website.   But then one of my major advertisers, Amazon, decided to pull their ads because there are too many websites copying my writing which makes it appear like my website is not original content.  This results in losing a third of my writing income. It's a big blow to a father of 4 kids who has a slim budget. I am not a rich writer and my family depends on the income I generate from my writing so this is very important to me.

So please do NOT repost the text of my scripts on another website. This hurts me as a writer and hurts my family. 

It is also difficult to publish my plays because of this problem. My publisher (also Amazon) sees that my writing is on several different websites and they sometimes reject my publications because of it.  It is all automated so when I speak to a human, it gets worked out but it still creates a lot of problems.

It's even more frustrating when people don't even credit me as the author. That is the most upsetting... having someone claim your work as their own. 

I know... I know... you're probably thinking, that's the risk I take putting my writing online. It is important to me to get my writing out there and offer it for free to low income schools and theatre groups with no budgets. I want to help everyone to enjoy drama for as little money as possible.  In return I only ask that people not copy my work (and to give me credit).

Here is how you can help.  

1) Do NOT repost the text of my scripts online. 

2) Contact me if you find one of my monologues on a website that is not or this blog.

Videos of my scripts are okay, but not if they reprint the text.  Or if someone does not credit the website source, that's a problem though. Please report those as well. 

You can contact me at with the links.  I really appreciate your help!

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This writer needs your help


  1. Thank you for putting you content online for others to use! :)

    1. You're welcome. I do really enjoy sharing my writing directly with people.

  2. Really appreciate your scripts and plays published for the public use. I'm really interested in such interesting pieces of your work. You are a really dedicated and skillful writer. Some touching work! Good luck! Waiting for your writings ...

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words about my writing. I am thankful for all the people who visit my website. It is a lot of fun to share my work.


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