Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Lesson 10 Conflict Free Online Writing Classes for New Writers

Lesson 10 - Conflict

What will be the conflict in your story?  Conflict drives most stories. It doesn’t have to be a bad guy vs. a good guy. Two friends can have a conflict. Or it could be something external such as a storm/tornado/flood/snowstorm that creates the conflict. Or someone could be struggling with an internal problem that makes a conflict. Basically, what is the problem in the story that needs to be solved?  

The main conflict in the Wizard of Oz is between Dorothy (who wants to get home) and the Wicked Witch who wants the shoes Dorothy got from her sister. The motives of these two characters are not the same, but the ruby slippers have created an unintended conflict between them. Dorothy and the Witch did not plan on being enemies but what happens in the plot creates the conflict. First Dorothy’s house falls on the Witch’s sister and kills her.  Then Glenda gives the ruby slippers to Dorothy which the Witch wants.

You can have two excellent characters you like, but maybe something happens that creates an unexpected conflict. Or maybe an external force (weather, aliens, etc.) creates a conflict that bring enemies together.

ASSIGNMENT 10A: Write about the conflict in your story. What will the main conflict be? What will create it?

ASSIGNMENT 10B: What is the main conflict in one of your favorite books or movies? Post in the comments below.

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Conflict Free Online Writing Classes for New Writers

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