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Lesson 11 Climax Free Online Writing Classes for New Writers

Lesson 11 - CLIMAX

The climax is the most exciting part of your story. Everything in your story leads up to this moment. This is the key to everything, the key moment that is the most important to the entire story. This is the breaking point that changes everything. The conflict causes this moment to happen.

The Wizard of Oz has several important moments, but I would say the Climax is when Dorothy defeats the Witch since this is tied to the main conflict. Unfortunately this may not be the most exciting moment in the movie but it is memorable. Who can forget the witch melting away after Dorothy throws water on her. Such a simple solution to such a big problem.  

One might argue that the plot of getting to see the Wizard is the main one so this climax is not as clear as some movie. And some movies do have multiple climatic moments. Recent superhero movies seem to have multiple major moments such as Captain America: Civil War. You have the big moment between the two set of super heroes facing off at the airport but then you have another major moment where Captain America and Iron Man have a final face off. How many big climactic scenes does one movie need? One is enough but Marvel will disagree I’m sure.

A movie with a very clear climax is the original Star Wars movie (a New Hope).  It’s all about blowing up the Death Star and it all leads up to that moment where Luke does the honors. There is a subplot of being a Jedi which culminates at the death of Ben Kenobi but the movie is very much about destroying the Death Star and everything is tied to that in the end.

ASSIGNMENT 11A: What will the be climax of your story? What will everything lead up to? What dramatic/major moment will be created by your climax and help bring about a resolution in the end? If you need help, type up your notes and email your question and your notes to me at

Assignment 11B: Take a look at one of your favorite books or movies. What was the climax? What was the main moment it all led up to?  How did everything in the story lead up to this moment?  Post your comments in the blog.

Climax Free Online Writing Classes for New Writers

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  1. I feel one of the best climatic moments for an ending to a story came from Top Gun.The movie carries several life lessons and it also shows the power of competition. The most important thing you learn is self confidence and leaving the past in the past. In the movie tom's character spends most the movie trying to prove to everyone he is the best pilot and after his wing man dies he then has to prove to himself he is the best. In the final dog fight he is able to prove to himself and everyone else he is the best pilot around after he lets go of the past and believes in himself.