Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Lesson 13 Share Your Writing Free Online Writing for New Writers

Lesson 13 - Share your writing

Share with a friend or family member.  The more people that read your writing the better.

You can give them the following questions to think about before they read it:

What was your favorite part?
Was there a part where you got confused?
Which character did you enjoy the most?
Which character did you want to know more about?
What do you think the story was about?
If the story is complete, ask their feedback on the ending too.  

They don’t have to answer all these but it gives them something to think about when they give you feedback.

ASSIGNMENT 13A: What kind of feedback did you get? What changes will you make?

Optional - not required - ASSIGNMENT 13B:
You may also post what you have written online and leave a link in the comments below if you’d like feedback from the rest of the class.


If you need help at any time, type up your notes and email your question and your notes to me at

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