Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Lesson 3 Characters Free Online Writing Classes for New Writers

Lesson 3 - CHARACTERS - Look at your notes and pick one of the ideas you find the most interesting. Expand this good idea in three ways to make a story: characters, setting and plot.

First, come up with some characters. Who are some characters that can be in this story? Give them names and describe them. What are these characters like? Why are they in this story? What makes them important to the story? Come up with at least 2 characters.

ASSIGNMENT 3A: Write as much as possible about each of these characters. If you can draw, make a picture of them. Or find a famous actor you think could play this character. Or find a song that could be a theme song for this character. Really get to know your character inside and out. All the notes do not need to be in your finished story but you should know as much as possible about your characters before you write something. Save these notes for lesson 4.

ASSIGNMENT 3B: Post in the comments below - Who are some of your favorite characters in books and movies?  Why do you enjoy these characters? Why do you think these characters are better than most?

OPTIONAL BONUS: Respond to a post by another student and discuss writing. Keep the posts positive and supportive. Students who are negative toward other students will not receive a certificate or instructor feedback at the end of the class.


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Characters Free Online Writing Classes for New Writers


  1. Lesson 3b:Below I will be listing three book and movie cross over characters that are my favorite.This was a difficult lesson for there are so many good characters in books and movies but these three transcended from book to movie flawlessly.
    The firs character is Count Dracula and the reason for this character is many but to keep it short I will only name a few.The first reason and I think the most important is this Character brought to the for front by Bram Stoker sparked a genre of literature like no other.This character and all that he was gave people a starting place to create so many stories and adaptations of a singular being but they are all vastly different. His character also translated well through so many media platforms.Comic,television,book and movies.This is rarely accomplished well with created character but the flexibility of the character and what he is capable of is a perfect subject matter.You also never know what you will find next with Dracula due to the fact his powers seem to change with every new telling of his story.the last part is I believe he sparked the story line about the villain who never seems to die like you find with Jason from Friday the 13th and Michael Myers from Halloween.This trait really allows for the expansion of a character and a way to keep it relative depending on the audience.All in all a perfect character to give generations of entertainment whether it is serious gothic writing like Bram Stoker or comedy like Jim Carrey's Once Bitten.

    The second character again comes from Bram Stoker and is just as used and versatile as Dracula. he is the famous Dr.Abraham Van Helsing. His past is never really revealed from the mind of Bram Stoker which allowed for so much use of the way Van Helsing is used since he was first introduced.Van Helsing has been used in so many rendering of the character and in the telling of his descendants that he has to be seen as an Iconic Character. His character is so adaptable he is even used with other famous story lines and myths such as Jack the Ripper and the X-Men. very few characters have the open availability to increase the value of a story just because of having so many gifts and so much knoweldge. I feel his character may of ended being the star even though Dracula was meant to be.

    The last is silly and maybe a bit childish but my favorite Movie and story is that of Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory. The character of Willy Wonka is one of comedy,pain,sadness and compassion. Through this story and through the eyes of this character there are so many life lessons you can learn. The Movie adaptation with Gene Wilder really does bring the story to life and make you believe that there is good out there if you promote good in your life. He also shows to you one of the most important lessons in life that is not taught in school. That lesson is simply if your mind can imagine it then your mind and body can create it. What ever you truly desire can be yours if you want it bad enough and are willing to believe in yourself.

    1. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is a favorite of mine as well. The Gene Wilder version beats the newer one in my opinion and the book is a wonderful read as well.