Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Lesson 4 Setting Free Online Writing Classes for New Writers

Lesson 4 - SETTING - Next you will come up with a setting for your story. Look at your notes and ideas, as well as your characters. Where should your story take place? Where is a good place for your ideas to happen? What kind of place would you find your characters in?  A setting is so important that it is almost like another character in your story.

ASSIGNMENT 4A: Create a lot of details about your setting. Search online or in books for pictures that look like your setting or better yet, go out and take a picture of a place where the story could take place. Write as many detailed notes about this place as possible. All these notes don’t need to be in your finished story but they are good for you to know before you start writing. Saves these notes for lesson 5.

ASSIGNMENT 4B: What is a story or movie that you love that has a fun and unique setting? What is different about this setting that you enjoy? Could the story happen anywhere else or is the setting important to the story?

OPTIONAL BONUS: Respond to a post by another student and discuss writing. Keep the posts positive and supportive. Students who are negative toward other students will not receive a certificate or instructor feedback at the end of the class.


If you need help at any time, type up your notes and email your question and your notes to me at

Setting Free Online Writing Classes for New Writers

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  1. Lesson 4B brings me back to a movie I mention in 3B,Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory. The setting of this movie can only be done properly inside the factory.The side story can be placed any where but the main story line can not happen anywhere else. This setting is fun because it was built by Willy Wonka and his imagination. There was no limitation to what he could do or how far he was willing to go to create his product. He also had no limit or rules to how he lived his life. The movie was written twice for the big screen but the main focus stayed the same which is the fun of the factory and the seriousness of the life lessons taught by Wonka to the families visiting the factory.The fun thing about the story setting is you never know what is around the corner.You also never know what you might find to eat or drink that will change the way you look at food.For me out of all the stories Ive seen or watched this movie had the best setting because of the imagination it took to create the set. Hopefully people will get back to fun and creative movie sets like Willy Wonka and bring back the fun that a movie can show.