Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Lesson 6 Review Free Online Writing Classes for New Writers

Lesson 6 - REVIEW - Review your notes.  Can you answer these important questions:

Who is in the story?  Who are your characters?  
Where does the story take place?  Where is the setting?  
When does the story happen?
What happens in the story?  What is the plot?

If you can answer all these questions, then you’re probably ready to start writing.

ASSIGNMENT 6A: Put all these notes together and see how they fit. Do they work together? Do they make sense together. Expand on your notes by adding a couple more thoughts.  First why is the story happening? Why are these characters together? Why is the setting important? Why does the story matter to you?  Organize your notes and prepare for Phase 2 of the class.  If you need help at any time, type up your notes and email your question and your notes to me at

ASSIGNMENT 6B: Which part of this class has been the more helpful so far? Which part do you have questions about?  


OPTIONAL BONUS: Respond to a post by another student and discuss writing. Keep the posts positive and supportive. Students who are negative toward other students will not receive a certificate or instructor feedback at the end of the class.

Review Free Online Writing Classes for New Writers

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  1. Lesson 6B The answer I have for this lesson is simple because the best part of this class is the part A where you have to create a story from your notes. This really helps you think like a writer and really pushes you to get out of your comfort zone. The hardest part of writing is letting your imagination work for you. I feel once I finish this writing class I will be better prepared for a creative writing project . i really hope more people will take this class and learn from it. Much thanks to Doug Larson for this platform.