Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Lesson 8 The Hook Free Online Writing School for New Actors

Lesson 8 - The Hook - How will you start your story? Once upon a time? It was a dark and stormy night?  You want to start with a good hook.

Look back at your notes. Is there something that jumps out at you as really important?  Something really exciting?  Something very funny?

For example in the movie, The Wizard of Oz, the hook would be the tornado that takes Dorothy to Oz and the discovery of the new land.

You can use the hook describe the setting or set the stage. You definitely want it to create a mood.

Don’t get stuck here though. Don’t let this overwhelm you. If you have trouble skip to Lesson 8 and come back.

Assignment 8A: What might be a good hook for your story?  This can be a tough part to figure out so you can skip to other lessons while you think about it. If you need help, type up your notes and email your question and your notes to me at

Assignment 8B: what was the hook for your favorite book or movie? What drew you in? Was it right away or how long into the story did the hook happen?

Remember - Don’t worry about being good or making the story a certain length. Have fun!


The Hook Free Online Writing School for New Actors

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  1. 8B- A book/movie with a great hook I think is Audrey Rose. It opens with a little girl and her mom driving home.All is good in life then all of a sudden there is a bad car crash and the little girl burns alive in the car.This to me is a way to pull you in and give you some back story for the book.There is no slow build up or sugar coating the start of the story. I love this story and I love the movie with Anthony Hopkins one of his best movies in my opinion.