Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Phase 2 Actual Writing Free Online Classes for New Writers


The main rule for this class is to have fun. Don’t worry about your writing being good. You can always rewrite it later. For now, just play around and enjoy the process.

I have ordered the lessons so they go in order of a story’s structure. Feel free to jump around on these lessons. When you write, you do not need to write in order. Many times, I actually jump around and write out of order. Sometimes I write the ending first. Sometimes I write a key part of the story first. And sometimes I might just write a random scene with the characters.

As a write you will want to read a lot as well. Read the masters of the type of writing you want to write. I read tons of plays when I started out as a playwright. My favorite play (and movie) is Amadeus. I read the play and watched the movie many times. It was very inspiring and became a model for my early writing.

But I’ll pick a more family friendly, well known movie, play/musical and story to look at as an example in this class: The Wizard of Oz.  As much as I’d love to write something as amazing as Amadeus, I know that the Wizard of Oz is more my style as a writer. My scripts for kids tend to be the most popular of my plays and they are fun to write. I even wrote my own Oz type script called “Holka Polka” so the Wizard of Oz is a story I have a lot of respect for and see as an inspirational work for my writing.

So find a good model for the type of writing you would like to do… and there is nothing wrong with trying different styles. Don’t force yourself into a box or a category right away. Be open to different types of writing. I tried to write more serious plays at first and wrote a terrible play that I hoped would be my Amadeus. I learned a lot from it though and eventually found my niche… light comedy and family plays. I enjoy comedy and family plays and have fun with them.  And audiences like them too.  I would be more than happy to write something as classic as Wizard of Oz that has been loved by many generations.

Start writing your story or play now. If you are writing poetry, please contact me and we’ll discuss how we’ll do the upcoming lessons.

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