Saturday, July 8, 2017

Flowers in the Desert Part 19 family friendly version of stage play script


Scene 2

Community service... Better than jail I guess.  I just wish I didn't have to wear this stupid uniform. And these sick people... Why is everyone in the hospital so sick all the time?  I hope I don't catch anything. And who wants books and magazines anymore? Especially out of date ones. How old are these magazines? "Man on the Moon!" I feel like the man on the moon working in this place, wandering around with my books and magazines and flowers, totally out of place in some weird outer space... Lost on the dark side of the moon. Well I guess they'd want something to read if the TV in their room is broken. Man, that would suck. Stuck in a hospital bed with no TV. Seems like the only one who wants anything from me is Old Ms. Sadie. I hope she doesn't want me to read to her again. There is nothing creepier than reading a romance to an old lady.

(Sees a new patient)

Wait a minute. Who is that? Check out the new girl. What's her name? Where's the room chart? Shelly. That's a pretty name. I have to meet her. I wonder if she wants a magazine... Teen Beat? No, she looks more classy than that. She looks like a Cosmo girl. I mean Cosmo woman.

(Looks frantically at cart for something to give her)

Flowers. I will give her flowers. Old Ms. Sadie has enough flowers, She doesn't need these. Little note... Lost...

(Takes note off flowers and tosses it)

New love ... found.

(Boldly goes to meet Shelly)


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