Monday, August 7, 2017

Stage Play Scripts with Low Cost PDF

"Beauty IS a Beast" is a play for all ages about a spoiled Princess named Beauty who has her life turned inside out.

"The Big Bad Wolf" is a comedy monologue for young actors who want to practice their humorous acting skills.

Ever wonder why cats get the crazies? "The Captain and the Cat" takes audiences on an Adventure in Dimension X.

Are smart phones turning us into zombies? "Cell Phone Zombies" is a short funny stage play script about this crisis.

"End the Hurting" a short script that highlights the struggle children go through when they are abused and bullied

"Forever on Hold" is a comedy monologue for actors: an excellent tool for learning speech and communication skills. 

"Hipster Hobos" is a short comedy play about the funny side to people who hang out in restaurants & take up space 

"Holka Polka" is a play for all ages. Join a good little witch named Brenda who sets out to save Fairy Tale Land.

"Jackie and the Potato Stalk" is a cowboy western twist on the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. fun family short play

Mad-Scripts are fill-in-the-blank play scripts and skits; a fun way to teach grammar and communication skills.

"The Magic Coin" is a stage play script for 2 actors that talks about the importance of dreams and helping others.

"Music Maybe" is a wacky comedy stage play script for four actors about the first all percussion rock band.

"The Pint Sized Pirate" is a great play for kids about a small kid with big dreams who help others and the Earth! 

"The Pirate and the Princess" is a stage play for kids with a female twist on the famous Prince and Pauper story.

"Reader's Theatre Simple Plays for New Readers" for readers who are starting out using a basic list of sight words.

"Remember the Star" is a stage play script for children about the importance of giving and helping others.

"Rock! Sword! Firecracker!" is a lesson plan and play script where a student can make their own history

"Sleeping Handsome" is a twist on an old fairy tale with a sleeping prince instead of a princess.

"Stung" is a funny stage play script about a woman who loves nature but nature doesn't love her back. humorous skit

"Songs of the Pioneers" short script with traditional songs fun family musical about life on early American frontier

This is a stage play script for kids about "Snow White and Rose Red" about a Grimm character long forgotten.

Public Speaking & Acting Skills with "Sunset Princess": Monologues are a great way to practice communication skills. 

Even heroes need help sometimes: "Superhero Support Group" comedy stage play script about superheroes in therapy.

"Teen Angel" is a play for teen actors about a girl who must earn her angel wings by helping those she left behind.

"To Be A Star" is a stage play script about a group of young dancers who want to be stars.

Practice public speaking and acting skills with monologues. "Wishing" is an excellent one for showing emotional range.

"The Hysterical History of the Trojan War"
comedy script PDF and coloring pages available at

Here are some "Save the Earth" environmentally themed improv games to bring ecology learning to life for students.

Family friendly version of the popular stage play script "Flowers in the Desert" now available

Wonder Woman themed MadScript called "Waiting for Gal Gadot"

"Piggy Princess" Monologue, excellent way to practice speech and communication skills as a reader and actor

The Hysterical History of Cleopatra - short comedy play about the famous Egyptian Queen 

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