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Free Online Acting Education Class 2018 Lesson 2

Lesson 2 

Before looking at your own acting, look at other people's acting. If you are not able to attend a performance on stage, then you can watch movies. Your first homework assignment is to go see a play or watch a movie and select an actor that you feel did an amazing performance that you can learn from.

When picking a movie to watch, think about a movie that had a major impact on you. What is your favorite movie and why? Is it the actors? Is there an actor in your favorite movie that you think is very good?

Watch a movie or see a play and pick an actor who you think was really good. What actor did you believe was "real"? Sometimes famous actors aren't the best actors. Was there an actor who was better than the well known person? Was there an actor who made you believe that they were really that character? Or was there an actor who totally changed who they were for the role and were different than you've ever seen them before?

COMPLETE YOUR ACTING JOURNAL ENTRY #2 BY ANSWERING THE QUESTIONS ABOVE (basic acting students may do a written or audio journal, but advanced students must create a video and share via Google Drive with pocolocoplayers@yahoo.com or on your own YouTube channel)

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  1. 1. Not that I believe.
    2. Yes. There was an actor that made me believe the character was real. She had the right facial expressions that matched what she's saying, and every line was amazing. She had a great voice range, and I really believed she brought the character to life.

  2. My favourite thing to watch is victorious cat is amazing is at acting her real name Ariana Granda she so good her voice is just crazy my favourite part is her laugh 😂

  3. I like the movie hidden figures because I think the three girls played there part very well and they brought there characters to life it was a great movie.

  4. 1. It wasn't my favourite, because it was based off of a book I read and left out many of my favourite parts, and parts I though were important to the plot
    2. Yes. She played a character who tried to commit suicide and portrayed her perfectly, really showing the character's emotions

  5. I watched episode of riverdale they are all great across but veronica or cam is really good

  6. My favourite series to watch is stranger things and I really believe every character is real when I watch it. The actors are so involved in every scene and are always dedicated to their character. David harbour who plays chief hopper really played his character well and brought his character to life. Finn wolfhard (who plays mike) also played Richie in IT and the character I believe are very similar to his out of character personality.

  7. My favorite movie is Spider-Man Homecoming. I don't usually go for superhero movies but this movie was great, from the way the actors portrayed certain emotions to the stunts performed, it was just an overall amazing movie. The actors contributed greatly to me falling in love with the movie, just because now that I have seen it I just can't imagine anyone else playing the roles and presenting the character in the way they did. The actor that stood out the most to me was Tom Holland who played the male lead, Spider-man. The reason I like him as an actor is because he is really talented, he can switch accents very easily (which is probably a common thing among good actors) and he brings so much personality to his characters; Because of that I really did feel as if Tom Holland was actually the Spider-Man, his personality and his acting skills make it seem like his character is an actual person. While I am not sure if he Is a well known actor or not, (meaning I have not seen him in other films or shows) Jacob Batalon played his part very well. He brought humor and relatability to the film and made me laugh several times throughout the film. I don't really think anyone had bad acting throughout the movie.

  8. In A Christmas Story live I thought that Ralph's father had good acting, when he got the lamp, he was acting as if it was the biggest award of all time, but in reality it was just a prize for a crossword puzzle contest.

  9. Which actor was the most 'real'?: I think on The Fosters Maia Mitchell or Sherri Saum were very good at thier job. Although Sherri wasnt amazing at the sound upset or sad parts I defiantly think they were best

    Was there a better actor than the well known actor?: no

    Was there an actor that made you think they really were that character: Maia Mitchell was really good at her character and I couldnt imagone her being diffrent. She is good at playing the part

  10. I recently finished watching for the second time in a row the series Sherlock, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. Immediately after watching the first episode I fell in love with the series and it's actors/actresses. I believe both Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, the creators, did an amazing job bringing together a cast of such amazing actors most of whom I have never seen before since the cast was mainly composed of actors from the UK. My top six favorite characters are Sherlock, Dr. Watson, Mycorft, Moriarty, Mrs. Hudson, and Molly. The one character that stood out the most was evidently Sherlock Holmes played by the talented Benedict Cumberbatch. Benedict did an extraordinary job in embodying the character of Sherlock, from his body movements, tone of voice, to his facial expressions. The second time around watching the series I was no longer just watching but dissecting each actor and how they protrayed their respective characters.

  11. i think The sound of music really inspired me , because most actors have to be committed , they have to know how to dance, to sing , to play an instrument . my favourite actor in the sound of music is Julie Andrews because she inspires me so much and i just love the the way she acts !!


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