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Free Online Acting Education Class 2018 Lesson 6

Lesson 6

You will now select two monologues that you will perform for the end of this class.


1. Be sure to find a monologue that is right for your age. For example, don't pick one about a mother, father, wife or husband if you're not old enough to be one.

2. Select a monologue you can relate to. Find one that has an experience you share or an emotional you can connect to. Look for a character you understand or that is similar to yourself. Here are some good monologues for FEMALES and MALES

3. Find the right mood or tone for your monologue. Do you need a COMEDY or a DRAMA?

4. If you are performing the monologue in a competition, you may need to select one from a published play. Here are MONOLOGUES FROM PUBLISHED PLAYS.

The monologues must be from this link:


Select two contrasting monologues - two that are very different from each other - one comedy, one dramatic - or two with very different characters. For example, the character in one monologue is good, kind and innocent and the character in the other one is evil or angry or upset.

Post the names of two monologues you like the best. Answer the following questions about these two monologues:

Why do you like the monologues?

Who is the main character of each monologue?

What is the character like?

Where is the character (the setting/place it is taking place)?

Why is the character saying what they are saying in the monologue? (What's their motivation?)

How did the character get to the point they are now? (what is their background? where did they come from? why are they behaving the way they do?)

Is the monologue from a play? If so, read the play and write about what you learned about the character from the play.

Post in the comments below your answers to the questions above (or a link to a video or audio response).





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  1. -A Breaking Heart
    1. I like the monologue because it shows how Nell feels when they break up.
    2. The mail charavter is Nell
    3. The character is guarded off and tries not to show their feelings
    4. I'm not sure
    5. Nell is being broken up with and she's trying not Ron act heartbroken
    6. Not sure, but I think she got into a relationship but was was trying not to fall in love
    7. Not sure

  2. -Catchick
    1. I like the monologue because it shows the struggles of Catchick
    2. Catchick is the main character
    3. The character is desperate to be rid of her powers
    4. A doctor's office
    5. Catchick is a true a doctor's office because she hates her powers
    6. Not sure, but she somehow got powers she hates
    7. Not sure

  3. Dreaming of Dragons
    1. I like the monologue because it’s fun and imaginative.
    2. The main character is a boy who loves dragons.
    3. The character is fun, adventurous and imaginative.
    4. It doesn’t go into detail with the setting.
    5. The boy wants to live with dragons and for his dreams to become real.
    6. Not sure.
    7. Not sure.

  4. The Big Bad Wolf
    1. I like the monologue because it’s funny and I played a character similar to it.
    2. The main character is the Big Bad Wolf from the fairy tale stories who's tries to tell it’s side of the story.
    3. The character is mad and has hurt feelings.
    4. Not sure.
    5. The Wolf wants a happy ever after ending, and wants people to treat his fairly.
    6. I think that the Wolf is tired of people labeling him a “bad wolf”.
    7. Not sure.


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