Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Free Online Acting Education Class 2018 Lesson 9

Lesson 9

You will now record the two monologues you selected from this link: https://freedramaplays.blogspot.com/2017/11/free-one-minute-monologues-for-actors.html

Try to find two contrasting monologues - one serious drama and one funny comedy (or with two very different characters).

If you are in the basic class, you may do an audio recording. If you are working toward an advanced certificate, you must MEMORIZE the script and make a video. Advanced students should NOT have a script you are looking at (not even off to the side of the camera).

Record the video and upload to somewhere like Google Drive (my preferred option). If you wish to keep the video private, please share the video with my private email pocolocoplayers@yahoo.com.

If you do not have a way to video (camera or webcam or cell phone camera) and need to do audio only, then you may use cell phone recorders and apps as well as free audio recording programs for computers like Audacity.

Email a link to your video or email the audio file to your instructor Doug Larson at pocolocoplayers@yahoo.com (IMPORTANT: please be sure to put in the subject line that this is for the Online Acting School Lesson 9).

After your instructor listens to the two monologues, he will provide feedback for changes on one or both monologues. You must then make the changes to your monologue, re-record it and send it again.

NOTE: Please allow a few weeks for feedback. If you do not get a reply after a week, you have permission to send a reminder email and you may do so weekly. Doug's schedule is very busy right now so extra time and email reminders are appreciated.

Important tips on recording: Try to find a quiet place to do the recording. Before you record, close your eyes and listen. Are there any sounds that might make your recording hard to hear? A tv in the next room or loud outside noises? Close windows, close doors, turn off these noises devices to try and get things as quiet as possible. If you're doing a video, look at your background. A plain wall is better than a background with a lot of things that will distract the viewer. Hang up a plain colored sheet (no patterns or designs) if needed. You want the focus on you, not the background. Finally make sure that the top of your head is near the top of the frame of the video. You don't want a lot of empty space above your head. I would like these videos to be as professional as possible so you can use them later to promote yourself as an actor.




Top of head near the top of the frame on videos


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