Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Free Online Acting Education Class 2018 Advanced Actor Final Lesson

To receive an Advanced Acting Certificate, you must:

1. Make Online Portfolio with Samples of Your Acting

Free Options: YouTube* or Vimeo (make best videos public) or Soundcloud if you are a voice actor

Paid Options (not required): Backstage.com* or StarNow 

*I prefer these first options but I am open to other options - YouTube is probably best because it is free (you do NOT have to do a paid option like Backstage)

You must have four sample videos of your acting. At least one must be a comedy and one must be a drama. Make sure that one video is completely different from the rest (show a totally different side to your acting). And one video should have a distinctly different costume. All of the videos should be shot landscape. Keep the backgrounds plain and simple so the focus is on your acting. 

2. Create Homemade Headshots


Use the headshot in your online profile in some way. It can be your YouTube channel icon or shown at the start or end of each video you create.

Post a link to your Online Portfolio (i.e. YouTube channel) in the comments

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