Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Free Online Acting Education Class 2018 Lesson 4

Lesson 4

Reviewing humorous, funny acting

Watch the following comedy videos:

Watch the above funny (humorous) acting performances in these videos.

Answer the following questions in the blog comments below:

Which monologue video do you feel was the best?

Why do you feel this was the best performance out of all these videos?

What was honest and real about the performance?

How do you feel this actor did a good job with the character?

ADVANCED CLASS STUDENTS: Leave an encouraging and kind comment for the actor on the YouTube video comments (being a good actor is being a positive member of the team and encouraging your fellow actors - directors like team players).

COMPLETE YOUR ACTING JOURNAL ENTRY #4 BY ANSWERING THE QUESTIONS ABOVE (basic acting students may do a written or audio journal, but advanced students must create a video and share via Google Drive with pocolocoplayers@yahoo.com)





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  1. This is the best one because of her expectations and he movement and her voice sounds like she was actually a wich

  2. Forever on hold was the best to me because she really put her mind into it her tone of voice and her expression when she talked was priceless.

  3. The Cassandra monologue was the best in my opinion because she was so expressive and really put her emotion into it.

  4. The Cassandra monologue was the best to me because she really showed the personality and features of her character through her way of speaking. She expressed her emotions rightfully to get across to the audience how the character felt. The personality was brought to life and made so realistic that it made the character feel real.

  5. The best one was "I Need Detention". This was the one that made me laugh, he really used expressions and his body to his advantage. The way he spoke and took pauses made it even better because that seems like something that would actually happen. If felt like you couldn't tell he was acting because it flowed really well. The actor did a good job with the character by using his body as a prop and having a lot of expressions.

  6. I really through the “I Need Detention” one was really funny.
    Because he was so into getting the girl to like him and he was getting high off the bad girl.
    He wanted to get the girl to like him or he would go psycho.
    I think that he did a good job, He was a boy who stayed out of trouble, and now he’s turning into a bad boy for the girl.


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