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Free Online Acting Education Class 2018 Lesson 4

Lesson 4

Reviewing humorous, funny acting

Watch the following comedy videos:

Watch the above funny (humorous) acting performances in these videos.

Answer the following questions in the blog comments below:

Which monologue video do you feel was the best?

Why do you feel this was the best performance out of all these videos?

What was honest and real about the performance?

How do you feel this actor did a good job with the character?






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  1. This is the best one because of her expectations and he movement and her voice sounds like she was actually a wich

    1. Simple true honest love for me was the best because she really nailed it with the tones and expressions, and she knew how to control every single detail.

  2. Forever on hold was the best to me because she really put her mind into it her tone of voice and her expression when she talked was priceless.

  3. The Cassandra monologue was the best in my opinion because she was so expressive and really put her emotion into it.

  4. The Cassandra monologue was the best to me because she really showed the personality and features of her character through her way of speaking. She expressed her emotions rightfully to get across to the audience how the character felt. The personality was brought to life and made so realistic that it made the character feel real.

  5. The best one was "I Need Detention". This was the one that made me laugh, he really used expressions and his body to his advantage. The way he spoke and took pauses made it even better because that seems like something that would actually happen. If felt like you couldn't tell he was acting because it flowed really well. The actor did a good job with the character by using his body as a prop and having a lot of expressions.

  6. I really through the “I Need Detention” one was really funny.
    Because he was so into getting the girl to like him and he was getting high off the bad girl.
    He wanted to get the girl to like him or he would go psycho.
    I think that he did a good job, He was a boy who stayed out of trouble, and now he’s turning into a bad boy for the girl.

  7. I liked the Cassandra monologue because she was really into her role ,the expressions and movement she was using ...she made me believe in her role... She was better than every other comedy monologues..

  8. The Cassandra monologue was by far my favorite, with the detention monologue coming in close second. Emily really tapped into her character and not only did i see her character but i also saw her which is always awesome as an actor to make your character seem as real as you are.

  9. For me, the first best monologue is I Need Detention and the second one is Cassandra. Micah used his expressions and emotions to tap into his role perfectly. I like the way he pauses and develops his body language. He plays the bad-boy wannabe type who would do anything to impress the beautiful, bad girl named Harmony, which went by the name "Harm." He really did a great job bringing his character back to life and using his movements to his advantage.

  10. I loved the Cassandra monologue. I feel like the actress did really good at expressing the character, and the way she felt. Emily really helped me realize what the character was about, and why she got mad. I felt like she really dug deeper with the character to show their real personality.

  11. 1. I think I like the I Need Detention one and Cassandra.

    2. The I Need Detention made me laugh because he used his facial expression and the tone of his voice to bring out his character. The Cassandra one because she was really into her role and the expressions and the movements made me believe that her role was literal.

    3. Both of their monologues use their facial expressions, hand movements, tone, etc.

    4. Both of them did a great job with their character.

  12. Cassandra

    It was good way that the actress carry over the attention of the people through acting.

  13. Which monologue video do you feel was the best?
    I need to get into detention

    Why do you feel this was the best performance out of all these videos?
    It felt real and not fake

    What was honest and real about the performance?
    His actions and feeling

    How do you feel this actor did a good job with the character?
    He became is character, felt what his character felt.

  14. Which monologue video do you feel was the best?
    Humpty Dumpty Private Egg or I need Detention

    Why do you feel this was the best performance out of all these videos?
    They were really into character. They didn't just pretend to be the character. They actually were the character.

    What was honest and real about the performance?
    The emotion and realistic facial expressions

    How do you feel this actor did a good job with the character?
    They did a very good job.

  15. Which monologue video do you feel was the best?
    I have enjoyed watching ‘I need detention’’ and ‘Cassandra’. The two monolgue stood out from tge rest, even from the ones the actors had played before. There was something more to ‘I need detention’’ and ‘Cassandra’.

    Why do you feel this was the best performance out of all these videos?
    Their attention to detail is what striked me. The ability of when to pause and react while at it. The steadiness of their voice.

    What was honest and real about the performace?
    In the monologue ‘I need detention’, how the actor talks shows the reality of how we talk about crushes in conversations. Especially the part when he would comment those cheesy lines. His performance just shows the reality and truth of our desperation of wanting to be with our crushes (through how he applies his actions to his words)

    With the ‘Cassandra’ monologue, her realistic facial expressions draws me in. How her eyes casts an accusing look, how she threw the paper, and how she gestures for someone to move closer to us.

    How do you feel this actor did a good job with the character?
    They weren’t trying to playing the character, they were trying to be the character. That was something I have to take note of.

  16. 1- 1st one
    (Good deeds and such)
    2- For me the actress seems to have control over the scene,respecting the lines and the time. She also looks very confident, alive in the scene and very clear.
    3- Face expressions, seems very real, not mechanic.

  17. The Cassandra monologue because her performance caught my eye. I think her facial expression, tone of voice and timing was on point. I also think her hand movements using objects like a piece of paper also helped bring the character to life.

  18. After watching all of these videos, I’ve noticed how different actors and actresses portray their emotions and actions, with their body movement, to their facial features. I felt “Catchick” was the best out of the 21 videos, mostly because of her body language, and her intense actions she had to do in order for the script to be understood. For instance her fake hacking was excellent, right away I thought of hairballs, and that’s what the script said next. Her eye movements and frowns in her face make the emotions seem so real. I honestly thought I was watching a seen from a movie. Her costume also helped with the stage presence, definitely made me realize right away about where the script is going.
    What made this monologue become real to me, was her actions, like her coughing, and when she touched her ears or made sounds, she honestly could be a real cat. It made me feel like I was listening to a cat in a animation movie! Her tone of voice also caught my ears, the other videos were fantastic but sometimes the tone of voice doesn’t match up with the script, but this one truly made me interested in the story. I would love to see this actress on Broadway, or even a YouTube film, I would support her every step she makes! She’s incredibly talented, I don’t think I could sound like cat If i wanted to. The way she flicks her eyelids and raises her eyebrows, and her hand movements were just timed perfectly. Very well done!

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Favorite Comedy Monologue
    Lesson 4

    My favorite monologues was the Cassandra monologue and the I Need Detention monologue. But if you had to choose one I would choose the Cassandra monologue. Even though the I Need Detention monologue actually made me laugh, I felt like the Cassandra one was better. What made her monologue better was the fact that it was not too long, or too short. Her pause in between certain questions and sentences made it seem like she really had another actor with her. Her facial expression and emotions at the right time made the monologue real and authentic. She didn’t seem like she was pretending to be the character, it was almost like she WAS the character. This made her monologue honest and realistic. I enjoyed her monologue very much.

  21. Which did I feel was the best?
    I very much enjoyed "Sunday Gamble" I laughed at the one alot.

    Why do I feel this was the best performance  out of all the other videos?

    I liked a lot of the videos, but this one made me laugh the hardest, I also felt he matched the look of his character better than  some of the others. But I thought all of the performances did well. I am not entirely sure what I am looking for to  distinguish from a bad performance to a good preformance, or who is better or who is worse,but I felt he did the best.

    What was honest and real about the preformance?
    I felt,that he was that person, so it made it pretty real. You could see that he didn't have to go searching for the next line in his head, he new it and delivered it accordingly.

    How do I feel the actor did a good job with the character?
    I thought he did really well, It seemed that he truly knew what his character was thinking.


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