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Acting Contest! Super Short Mini Monologue

Freedrama brings back the Super Short Mini Monologue Contest! 

One of our most popular contests involved making super short videos of our monologues so we decided to bring this back again. 

Select a few lines from a Freedrama monologue and make a video. Feel free to include costumes and sets to make it dynamic as possible. 

 Every week we will have a winner who will receive $20 and have their video posted on the Freedrama YouTube channel.  Winners will be considered for larger prizes if your video concept is creative and innovative.

(IMPORTANT: Winnings will only be paid via You may win the weekly contest more than once. Please do NOT post the video on your own YouTube channel). 

Upload your video to something like Google Drive (not YouTube) and send a link to 

Select from the following lines (check out the full monologue links to get to know the characters): 

Big Bad Wolf Mini Monologue #1 
They're always promising happy endings but where's my happy ending? 

Big Bad Wolf Mini Monologue #2 
All that happily ever after seems to be reserved for princesses and cute little animals. Especially bunnies. Why are rabbits always getting happy endings? They're rodents, I tell you. Rodents! 

Humpty Dumpty Private Egg Hard Boiled Detective 
It's a world gone mad but somehow things are looking sunny-side up and we may find some kind of happily ever after in fairytale land. 

Good Deeds and Such Mini Monologue #1 
Witches have got a seriously bad reputation here in Fairy Tale Land and it's only getting worse since the Hansel and Gretel incident. I mean, come on people. Eating children. That's just low. 

Good Deeds and Such Mini Monologue #2 
I mean, what's a witch without her magic? We're nothing, I tell you. Nothing! We'll be just a bunch of creepy old hags with bad hair and skin. 

Greenie The Last Liberal Mini Monologue #1 
Remember when your cousin Earl brought home that girl from California? She had her armpit hair braided! 

Go Home Mini Monologue #1 
Where have you all been? Getting ready for what? The apocalypse?! 

Never Touch Mini Monologue #1 
I was a dreamer. Living in my mind. Flying to the moon and back. Riding on a moon beam. Skipping on clouds. I am a poet. A romantic. I shall always smell the rose but never touch it. 

Hidden in the Night Mini Monologue #1 
Lovers lie don't they... Would you lie to get a kiss from me? I only want to hear the truth... Please. Don't tell me lies. Say you love me! 

Die and Leave Thee Mini Monologue #1 
 I die and leave thee these words... Aaaugh! 

Perfect Beauty Mini Monologue #1 
 I know one can't improve on perfect beauty, but I shall try. 

Inside Out Mini Monologue #1 
 Your fairy godmother took the beauty on the outside and put it on the inside. Let's thank her for turning you inside out and making you someone I can love. 

Steam Train Mini Monologue #1 
 No brakes or safety nets... No getting off the runaway train. So instead of being afraid, instead of seeing it as an end to life... You scream... Bring it on steam train! ... Make me live! 

Death by Dollars Mini Monologue #1 
 I blame them... I do... They make it too easy... And cheap. That's me. Cheap and easy. I am a dollar menu fanatic. I will eat anything for a buck. That's my motto. 

Masked Man Mini Monologue #1 It was so nice seeing Roger again... Rushing on the bus, being a hero. I like him being a hero too. As long as he is in a mask. I love the mask. Good or bad, the mask is perfect. 

My William Shatner Man Crush Mini Monologue #1 
 What is wrong with me?! What am I? A fan girl? I need my head checked... Oh, no... I have a man crush, don't I? 

 A Thing for Nerds Mini Monologue #1 Other kinds of guys couldn't care less about me... But to nerds... I was hot. 

Catchick Mini Monologue #1 I want to be able to go the beach without getting the urge to use the bathroom. 

No More Worries Mini Monologue #1 Anyone can change the world. You don't have to have superpowers. 

No More Worries Mini Monologue #2 I'm saying that ordinary people can make a difference in this world. What about teachers, nurses, police officers? They all make a difference. 

Melinda Street Mini Monologue #1 Oh, I'm so scared. Little police man's gonna handcuff me. Or is that a game you like to play with the girls? 

Melinda Street Mini Monologue #2 
 Who is the professional award winning actor here? Me. So let me handle this. 

Plan B Mini Monologue #1 
 And I hate shopping online. Online, catalogs… that’s like pure torture… I have to touch diamonds. See them sparkle. 

Plan B Mini Monologue #2 I saw this wedding dress once that sparkled like diamonds. It was an outdoor wedding and the sun lit her up… Oh, it was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I need that dress! 

Ice Queen Mini Monologue #1 Well, I’ve written her a letter almost every day since she’s been here and she hasn’t written back. In fact she trashes my letters. I know because I go through her trash. 

Example of mini monologue video:


The best of the winning videos will be considered for funding for a full video of the entire monologue. To win this grand prize, the short video will need to be creative and

See this example below for the type of innovative monologue videos we are looking for.

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