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"Chocolate and Kisses" free comedy stage play script for 3 actors (2 female 1 male) from "Between Good and Evil"

This is a goofy comedy for adult actors.  Yet another superhero script :)  Superheroes amuse me.

For permission to use this script, contact doug@freedrama.net (include the title "Chocolate and Kisses" in your request).


"Chocolate and Kisses" by D. M. Larson

(Dougie wants to get a chocolate bar he dropped out in traffic.  Dougie wanders around off balance as the sounds of cars zip by honking.  Rescue Woman rushes in saves him and takes him to sidewalk safely.  Dougie enjoys being held by her)

You saved me.

You were in quite a jam there.

Are you...

(Rescue Woman does a proud stance)

Rescue Woman!


I know.

Wow! You're like prettier in person than in your pictures.

(Rescue Woman poses for him)

I mean your pictures are totally hot but in person... yow!

I know.

Can I get a picture with you?

Of course.

(Dougie gets out a strange looking camera.  He gets next to her for a selfie. He does a funny pose next to her and takes a picture with the camera which has a bright flash.  Rescue Woman suddenly looks faint)

You okay?

I feel strange. Wait... what's going on?

(She falls to her knees weakly.  Dougie giggles and Super Sheila enters and laughs an evil laugh)


What is this?

I know your weakness Rescue Woman.  That camera flash exposed you to Gamma radiation.


It cancels out your powers.

Who are you?

I am Super Sheila!  Muwhahahah!  Science over supers!

Super Sheila... Isn't that super girl? There already is one. Shouldn't you be Sheila the Science Skank (or Skunk) or something.


Because you stink.

(Dougie sniffs Sheila)

She smells good to me.

You're creepy.

I know.

I like creepy.

And I like sexy. And you's super sexy Sheila.

That would be a better name too.

I'll consider it.

Hee hee. Super Sexy.

You're a good minion Dougie.  Here's your chocolates.

I like chocolates.  But I like kisses better.

Not now... not in front of the victim.

What do you plan to do with me?

Well... I suppose when the gamma radiation wears off you'll get your powers back.


So we'll have to dispose of you quickly.

Quick, quick, quickly!

Keep an eye on her for me, Dougie, while I check my gadget for something special for her.

Special. Oh, I like the sound of that.

That's because you're special too.  Now watch her and you'll get another chocolate.

And a kiss?

Only if you're extra special.

I'll be extra special.  I promise.  Cross my heart.  Hope she dies.

(Dougie points at Rescue Woman on the last part and giggles.  Sheila does an evil laugh and exits)

Oh, Dougie... you seem like a simple soul.  Why are you with such an evil person?

I like Sheila.  She's... SEXY!

Wouldn't you rather be helping people?  Doing something good?

(Dougie thinks a moment.  It looks like it hurts to think.)

Ummm... no.  Sheila's fun.

Looks like you get plenty of chocolate from her.

Yes, I do... yummy in my tummy.

I could give you kisses.

Hmmm... no.  Only Sheila kisses for Dougie.

Does Sheila give you lots of kisses?

Hmmm.... no.  I have to sneak my kisses... when she is asleep I sneak kisses... and when she is watching her favorite shows.

Let me go and I can give you lots of kisses.


Oh... how about something shiny?

Shiny? And sparkly?

Very sparkly.

Okay... show me.

Just come closer.

(Dougie looks around nervously and moves a little closer.)

Oh... I love sparklies.

Close your eyes and I'll give it to you.

(Dougie closes his eyes and sticks out his hands.  Rescue Woman sneaks away off stage.  Dougie is there alone for a moment.  Sheila enters and sees Rescue is gone.  She goes up to him angrily)

Where is she?!

Oh... oh... she promised me a sparkly.

You idiot!

Sheila mad. Dougie bad.

Don't cry Dougie.  I hate it when you cry.

Dougie bad?!

Would you stop crying for a chocolate?

Dougie super bad!

Would you stop crying for a kiss?

(Dougie stops crying and nods)

Dougie likes kisses.

Close your eyes.


(Dougie closes his eyes and makes kissy lips)

Come closer.

(Dougie scoots forward with kissy lips. She claps the connector of her new machine to his lips.  Dougie opens is eyes, startled. She turns on the machine and Dougie is shocked.  He spazzes out and then falls to the ground.  Sheila leaves.  Dougie finally says:)

Wow!  What a kiss!




DOUGIE - a dim-witted evil henchman

RESCUE - a local superhero

SHEILA - an evil villain who wants to stop Rescue woman


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Improv Theatre Drama Games Lesson Plan Ideas Help Students and Writers (Writing, Language Arts, English, Reading, Literature)

Improv can be useful not only to actors, but to writers as well. Improv can help get a writer's juices flowing.  Maybe improv could be a good solution to writer's block.  It could certainly help students be more creative with ideas when preparing them to write in the classroom.

Thank you to my Heritage Online Drama Games students (Denise and Allison) for their contributions to my blog.
More improv game ideas (adapted from the book  "175 Theater Games" by Nancy Hurley 

"Through my student teaching on a first grade level, one of the areas that I noticed the students were struggling in was doing their writing prompts.  Many of the students were having issues coming up with something to write about, they could creatively tell stories but when it came to writing something down their minds went blank and many of them would just stare at their blank papers.  Playing theatre games prior to having the students doing their writing prompts could help them relax and allow their creativity to shine through.  The first theatre game that comes to mind is 'Word Association'.  The students could associate words in order to help them to have a few associated words on their minds so that the writing prompt may be easier to come with.  Another warm up theatre game that could be used is 'A Story To Tell'.  This game has a student begin an original story for 10 seconds then another student continues the story, etc.  This game would be beneficial because it has the students elaborating upon each others' story and they get to hear the creativity as well as the direction the story is taking."

The Exaggeration Game-The teacher calls out a simple action or movement (a verb) and the students perform it in an exaggerated manner. I think I may divide the class into two groups for this activity. The teacher gives one group a verb to exaggerate without the other group knowing what it is. The students act out the verb in an exaggerated manner and the other group has to guess what the action is.  This game would be a nice compliment to an english lesson on parts of speech. A nice adaptation would be to have the students contribute verbs to the game.

The Minister's Cat- Players sit in a circle. The first person describes the minister's cat using an adjective that starts with "a". For example, "The minister's cat is an active cat.". Each players adjective must start with a consecutive letter of the alphabet. The game continues until all of the letters of the alphabet have been used. A soft rhythm could be tapped while the game is played to offer an appropriate physical outlet for students while actively listening to their peers. This game encourages active listening and quick thinking, while encouraging students to use more descriptors in their language. This activity would be a great addition to a lesson on adding more descriptive adjectives to students' writing.

Up,Down, Freeze-The teacher demonstrates what students will do when she calls out one of the following commands: Up-hands in the air, Down- drop to the ground, Heads-hands on head, Shoulders-hands on shoulders, One Leg-stand still with one leg in the air. Students begin walking around until a command is given. The students freeze in that position until the teacher says, "Walk" followed by another command. I like how this game encourages attentive listening, while giving kids a much needed opportunity to move about. For an additional challenge, I could see teaching the students the command words in Spanish and having the students move accordingly.

Up,Down, Freeze-The teacher demonstrates what students will do when she calls out one of the following commands: Up-hands in the air, Down- drop to the ground, Heads-hands on head, Shoulders-hands on shoulders, One Leg-stand still with one leg in the air. Students begin walking around until a command is given. The students freeze in that position until the teacher says, "Walk" followed by another command. I like how this game encourages attentive listening, while giving kids a much needed opportunity to move about. For an additional challenge, I could see teaching the students the command words in Spanish and having the students move accordingly.

Zip Zap Zoop-This game is played by saying the words "zip, zap, or zoop." Players form a circle. The teacher turns to the right, points to the player beside her, and says, "zip." That player has three choices:  he can turn to the right and say "zip", turn to the left and say "zap" or point to someone across the circle and say "zoop". If a player is "zooped", his only option is to turn to the right and say, "zip". Subsequent players have three options, "zip, zap or zoop," unless they are "zooped". This would be a fun game to play after a read aloud of a book from the Froggy series by Jonathan London. In these books, the words "zip, zap, zoop" are used any time froggy does an action, such as putting on his clothes for school. Another variation would be if a student is "zooped" they have to recall an event, character or answer a specific question given by the teacher about the book.

Character Walks-In this game, students stand in a circle. They begin walking in one direction. As the teacher calls out commands such as "Walk like an old person", "Walk like a model", "Walk like a body builder", the students change the way they walk. I like the idea of adapting this game to fit a character study. For example, after reading a novel, command the students to move like a particular character from the book would likely.

Greetings-Everyone starts to jaunt around the room. The teacher calls out ways for players to greet each other. For example, she calls out "like cowboys", "like clowns", "like long lost friends". The students then greet each other as though they are that character. I can see adapting this game to fit a character study. For example, "Greet one another like Grandpa Joe and Charlie after being lost in the chocolate factory." 

The Story-The teacher prepares index cards with the name of a person, place or thing written on each card. Players stand in a circle. The teacher walks around the circle and hands a card to each player. For example, one student receives the word basketball. That person has ten seconds to begin telling a story using the word basketball. The next player must weave into the story the person, place or thing on his card, and so on. I would vary this game by having students contribute nouns to be used during the game. I love the open-ended, creative and fun way this encourages the class to interact together and again is a great way to reinforce the parts of speech.

One Word at a Time-As is the suggested formation in many of these activities, students form a circle. The teacher reviews the parts of a story-main character, beginning, middle, end and conclusion. The students begin telling a story offering only one word (or a nice adaptation may be one sentence) at a time around the circle. The next person adds the next word (or sentence) and so on around the circle. This is another example of a creative, interactive, and engaging activity for our students, as well as a creative way to teach writing through story telling.

Alliteration Introduction-Standing in a circle, one player begins the game by combining his name with an alliterative adjective. For example, "I'm active Andrew." The next player introduces the player before him, then adds his own name and alliterative adjective. For example, "This is active Andrew and I am creative Carl." The introductions continue around the circle two people at a time. After everyone has been introduced, the students can try and recall who each student is including his/her alliterative adjective. This game is an excellent way to introduce new students to one another. This would also be a great writing activity. Students could create mini books introducing their class members, adding illustrations. Another extension of this activity would be to have students further describe themselves by describing something they like to do also using alliteration. For example, I am active Andrew and I like acrobatics." Or, "I am creative Carl and I like clay." These descriptors would make for fun illustrations in these student created mini books.

For more improv games go to http://www.freedrama.net/improv.html

Improv Theatre Drama Games Lesson Plan Ideas Help Students and Writers (Writing, Language Arts, English, Reading, Literature)

"A Werewolf in my Bed" halloween comedy stage play script for 2 teen actors (1 male 1 female)

Here is a fun play for two actors (1 man 1 woman) for teenagers on Halloween. For permission to use the script, contact doug@freedrama.net and include the title in the request.

"A Werewolf in my Bed"

a free play script for two actors (1 m 1 f) by D. M. Larson


Viv enters her bedroom. She is getting ready for bed. There is a strange growling sound.

Viv sees something her bed and attacks... Thad falls down and hides.
Viv: What's going on?
Thad: You know how I said I was going through some changes?
Viv: Yes.
Thad: Well, it happened.
Viv: What?
Thad: I can't say.
Viv: It's ok... We are all going through a lot changes.. We're turning in to adults.
Thad: It's a little more complicated than that.
Viv: Look.. Whatever you are going through... I am here for you... I am willing to listen... I will never give up on you.
(He comes out... He is a werewolf. She screams and runs away)
(He sits in bed sadly and start nibbling on an itch on his arm)
(She eventually comes back in)
Viv: Sorry about that
Thad: It's ok... I know I am a freak...
Viv: No no no... But what happened?
Thad: I am a werewolf.
Viv: A howl at the moon werewolf?  But shouldn't you be all crazy slobbery and growling? Do you want to bite me or something?  
Thad: Yes but not for the reason you might think.
Viv: Am I safe?
Thad: Yes... I can control myself... Well I can't control the hair... But the attitude... I just wanted you to know... In case something happened to me...
Viv: What?  What might happen?
Thad: Dog catcher... Rancher..... Monster hunter. All kinds of dangers.
Viv: There are monster hunters?
Thad: That's why there are not many monsters.
Viv: That's terrible.
Thad: Well... Monsters are called that for a reason.
Viv: But not you... You're a vegetarian!
Thad: That's not easy... I get cravings every full moon.
Viv: I am so sorry... I promise I won't eat meat around you ever again... That must be a Terrible temptation... I shouldn't eat meat at all anymore in fact.
Thad: You're so sweet to me.
Viv: You mean so much to me.
(He is struggling)
Thad: I get so itchy.
Viv: Here, I can help.
(She scratches him and he starts thumping his foot)
Thad: Oh yeah. Thank you... That felt really good.
Viv: Your fur is kind of soft... I like how it smells too.
Thad: Really?
(She smells him again)
Viv: Yeah.
Thad: You're not scared anymore... This isn't too weird?
Viv: It is weird and scary but I want to see the best in this... I want to support you... We can get through this together.
Thad: It's something that will always be here... I will never get rid of it.
Viv: It's you and that's all that matters.
And I have secrets too... I have baggage too...
Thad: That tops this?
Viv: This isn't a contest. The point is that we support each other no matter what life throws our way... Would you support me if I suddenly became a vampire?
Thad: Werewolves and vampires don't get along very well.
Viv: So you would just dump me?
Thad: No... Never... I would be here for you too... Vampire zombie mummy...  Any kind of creature there is inside you... I would still be here for you.
Viv: (She hugs him) I knew you would... You wearing something?  You smell so good.
Thad: Much be a scent I am giving off. Probably means I like you.
Viv: You're not going to start marking your territory are you?  
Thad: Hey!
Viv: Just kidding.
Thad: I would never do that to your room... Maybe outside your house... But never inside.
Viv: You marked outside my house?
Thad: Can we change the subject?
Viv: Okay...
(They are quiet)
Viv: So.. Why do you mark your territory?  
Thad: Grrr.
Viv: Am I your territory?
Thad: Maybe... That creep you out?
Viv: It's kind of romantic.
Thad: Really?
Viv: It makes me feel... Important... Special.
Thad: You are special.
viv: Special? In what way?
Thad: Special in the best possible way... I knew you were great but I never thought you would be okay with this.
Viv: It won't be easy ... Did this start recently?
Thad: No... For a while... That's why I am never around during a full moon.
Viv: But why tell me now?  Please tell me it's because you want to get more serious.
Thad: I wish... I was worried I might even have to break up.
Viv: No! Why?
Thad: To keep you safe.
Viv: I know you wouldn't hurt me.
Thad: Not from me...
Viv: From other werewolves?
Thad: No I made sure...
Viv: The marking?  (She smiles)
Thad: Can we drop that?
Viv: Fine... So what danger?
Thad: The underground is talking... It could just be a rumor.
Viv: Underground?
Thad: It's a system that keeps us hidden and safe... That's why you so rarely hear about monsters anymore. You get renegades like Bigfoot but overall it is pretty quiet.
Viv: But something happened?
Thad: There is a rumor of a monster hunter... Here in our town.
Viv: Hunter... Like he wants to catch you.
Thad:  Worse.
Viv: We have to hide you... We have to keep you safe.
Will we have to fight... I can fight.. I am a toughie.
Thad: No, I would never put you in danger.
Viv: That's up to me isn't it?  I am my own person... I can chose.
Thad: But you have no clue what you are choosing... I don't either... I have no clue what we are up against.
Viv: I know one thing.
Thad: What's that?
Viv: That I want to be with you... I never want to let you go... I never want to be without you.
Thad: Then we will face this together.
Viv: Beware all monster hunters... Hurt my Wolfie and prepare to feel my wraith...
Thad: Very scary.
Viv: Really?
Thad: I got shivers.
Viv: See Iza toughie.
Thad: You have such big muscles too.
Viv: Iza strong.
(She does a pose)
Thad: And pretty.
Viv: Now now... You stop that.
Thad:  No, you are very pretty.
Viv: You're full of baloney.
Thad: The prettiest girl in the whole world.
Viv: You're so full of baloney I could make a sandwich out of you.
Thad: Cute... You're very cute too.
Viv: Stop it.  No.  Toughie. (does her pose)
Thad: You're the best thing that has ever happened to me.
Viv: Me too.
(They look at each other... Wanting to kiss but not sure how)
(Gun shot is heard... They dive for cover)
Viv: what was that? Firecracker?  Car backfire?
Thad: I hope so.
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"Ugly Mug" short 30 second monologue from stage play script "Blinded by the Knight"

This scene for one actor is written for a female but could be performed by a male.  It is from the stage play script "Blinded by the Knight" and the character is dressed as a Ninja.  She is out to get a beauty queen named "Ashley" who is brought in to a comic book store to help promote it.

For permission to use the monologue, contact doug@freedrama.net and be sure to include the name of the script "Ugly Mug" in your request.


"Ugly Mug" by D. M. Larson (from "Blinded by the Knight")

There are a few precious places in this world unspoiled by people like Ashley and this comic book store is one of those places. I couldn’t bare the thought of her ugly mug on a poster hanging in here next to these heroes. The heroes on these walls fight for justice and the greater good. To hang up some beauty pageant freak next to these symbols of greatest is an insult to all I believe in.


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short 30 second monologue from stage play script

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"My William Shatner Man Crush" comedy monologue for male from the upcoming play of the same name (free stage play script)

Actors? Need a comedy monologue to show some range?  This is a good one for different emotions.  Pay close attention to the mood shifts during the monologue from grumpy and annoyed to excited and then back and forth again.

For permission to use this monologue, contact doug@freedrama.net (be sure to include the title in the request: "My William Shatner Man Crush").

"My William Shatner Man Crush" by D. M. Larson

Why am I waiting in line with all these losers? I am a grown man... With a job... I don't even live in my parents basement. Yet here I am... Waiting in line to meet William Shatner. I even got here early. I have a sleeping bag... Snacks... I am not even going to explain about the bathroom situation. Why do we put ourselves through this? I have dignity... I have a life... I don't need this. I should walk on out of here and leave this insanity behind me. Shatner once told us to get a life. It's time I got one.

(Then he get excited when he sees William Shatner approach)

There he is!

(Frank squeals with excitement)

He's coming over here! William "frackin'" Shatner is coming over here to meet me.

(Frank looks at a person who is in front of him)

Oh, wow, Mr. Shatner. This is such an honor... Yes sir... First in line to see you. You're my favorite celebrity. Well, my favorite person in the whole world actually. I love everything you've done. Everything is better when you're in it. I love Star Trek, T.J. Hooker, 3rd Rock from the Sun, Miss Congeniality, Boson Legal... even the Priceline commercials... I love you... Meeting you is the most magical moment in my life so far... Thank you, Mr. Shatner... Call you Bill? Oh wow... Bill. Bye bye... Live long and stay awesome!

(Gets really embarrassed and disgusted with himself)

Oh my God! What is wrong with me?! What am I? A fan girl? I need my head checked... Oh, no... I have a man crush, don't I? I have a William Shatner man crush. I want to die now. Crawl under a rock with the other creepy fans... And....

(He notices they are opening the doors at the store he is waiting in line at)

They're opening the doors! I am so getting my boots autographed.

(Frank picks up a back with something in it)

Hey Bill! Look why I found on eBay for you to sign! It's the actual rocket boots from Star Trek V!



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 comedy monologue for male from the upcoming play of the same name free stage play script

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Improv theatre games for subjects like math, science and geography lesson plans (free classroom games for teachers and their students)

Here are some free classroom games you can play with your students.  Thank you to my students in my Drama Games course at hol.edu (Denise and Allison) for your excellent ideas!

Money math is taught early in the 2nd grade year and with the current curriculum being used they haven't had much exposure to money, let alone money math.  In this particular school district the math curriculum touches on money some in kindergarten and first but they really do not dive into all of the specifics until 2nd grade.  What I noticed was the students have problems learning that 4 quarters equals 1 dollar or 100 pennies equals 1 dollar, etc.  They have a hard time visualizing and figuring out that you can use pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, fifty cent pieces as well as there is a dollar coin to equal a paper dollar bill, let alone the multiple variations that can occur as well.  Theatre games could help the students to learn this concept.  A theatre game that could be played is the 'Cooperative Ball Toss'.  The students could use counting by 1's, 5's, 10's, 25's and 50's to 100 when they toss the ball to one another.  Any student who does not correctly say the next number has to sit out, the last student standing is deemed the winner.  This game would help them to recall the multiples of coins.  Another theatre game that could be played is the 'Letter Number Game'.  The students sit in a large circle and the teacher starts off a concept (in this case money multiples 1's, 5's, 10's, 25's and 50's).  When first playing this I would probably start off with 1's every time as a warm up.  Once counting by 1's get around the circle a few people 5's would be start and so on and so forth.  This will have the students thinking quickly because counting by 1's will go around the circle several times whereas 5's once.  I feel that this theatre game would be beneficial to help the students to learn and retain counting by multiples.        

While looking for topics for my Masters Degree I sat in on several 2nd grade level classes and I found that this particular class had trouble when it came to learning lists of concepts/definitions for any subject.  In particular, during a science class learning about animals and their habitats the students were struggling with the terminology.  A theatre game that could be played is 'Word Ball'.  This game is played by having the students stand in a circle or oval and one student has a ball and looks across the room to make eye contact with another student and tosses the ball and says a word such as squirrel, the student receiving the ball then has to say the correct habitat that a squirrel lives in and promptly makes eye contact with another student and says a different animal, and so on.  Any student who takes too long, fails to answer the question correctly or drops the ball has to sit out. This theatre game would help the students remember at a quick pace animals as well as their habitat.  I feel that this game could be used with a number of different subjects as well as subject matter so it is a very versatile one.  

And classroom lesson ideas from the book "175 Theater Games by Nancy Hurley" 
> Circle Crescendo-The players stand in a circle. Moving around the circle, the students progressively escalate their volume from lowest to loudest while they count. I may have my students listen to classical musical first to identify the crescendo in the music before playing this game. Additionally, rather than simply counting, I may have students count in counting patterns, such as counting by 2's or 5's while using crescendo to reinforce another concept. Having students take turns being the scribe and writing the counting pattern on the board, while it's spoken, would help give visual learners another reinforcement for the concept. 
> Clap Out-The players stand in a circle. The first person says "one." The next person says, "two". The third person CLAPS instead of saying "three." The next person says, "four." The next says, "five" and the following person CLAPS instead of saying "six". In this way, they are practicing the three counting pattern. The game is written such that a person who says the wrong number or claps at the wrong time is out. I would vary this game by having the person who makes a mistake, not be "out", I would just start over the counting pattern with that person. I believe children are most likely to learn when they are engaged. I could see using this activity to teach counting any multiples, for example counting by 5's or even 10's.  I would choose one student to be the scribe and write the clapped number on the board for all to see, review and repeat at the end of the game.

> Jumpers-In this game, all players face the front of the room. On cue, everyone jumps up and down four times facing the front of the room, four times facing the right side of the room, four times facing the back, and four times facing the left. Then they jump three times in each of the directions. Then the students jump two times in each direction and finally they finish with one time in the four directions. To facilitate jumping together, everyone calls out the numbers aloud. I love the perfect cure for lethargy that this game offers. I often have the North, East, South, West coordinates labeled in my room. This would make it easier to call out which direction the students should be facing while reinforcing a critical geographical concept.

> Leading-This is a fun activity that allows kids the opportunity to be appropriately active and silly. The teacher calls out a body part with which students can lead the body. I love the idea of making it as educational as possible, by calling out bones or muscles in the human body and having students lead with those. "Everyone move around as if your cranium is leading you." This would be a wonderful addition to an anatomy unit.
> Man Overboard-This game offers students another opportunity to move about while listening and having fun. The teacher pretends to be the captain of a ship and calls out commands. The teacher establishes what side of the room is the bow, stern, starboard and port.  Before beginning the game, the group practices the actions that go with each command. Bow-run to front, Stern-run to back, Starboard-run to the right, Port-run to the left, Hit the deck-lie down, Captain is coming-stand at attention and salute, Man overboard- grab a partner, Man the lifeboats-get into a group of two pairs and start rowing,  Sharks-get of the ground. After each command, a player who responds too slowly or does the wrong action sits out. The last player to remain in the game is the winner. I will definitely use this game as I teach P.E. to my elementary students. This activity could also be taught in conjunction with a science unit on the Ocean or Rivers. 

> Clocks-Each student draws a clock with numbers on a sheet of paper. The students move around the room making appointments with one another, "Do you have an appointment available at 6:00? Oh then how about meeting with me at 10:00. Does that work?" Students fill each of their appointment times with a different student in the room. When everyone has filled their clock faces, the teacher has students discuss a particular subject with their assigned appointments. After 30 seconds, the teacher cues the student with their next appointment time and what they are to discuss. I love this activity for having students review together or make observations about something they have learned. It is also a great review for students learning the concept of time-telling.

For more free improv drama games (and classroom lesson ideas), go to http://www.freedrama.net/improv.html

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NO DELIVERANCE FROM THIS EVIL Holy Ground prologue - duologue for 2 actors (1 man and 1 woman) from a stage play script

Scene from the stage play script Holy Ground for two actors (1 male 1 female).  For permission to use this scene contact doug@freedrama.net and include the title "No Deliverance from this Evil" in your request.

From a published play "Holy Ground":


In near darkness, Molly approaches Turk who is on the floor in pain.  Molly wants to help him but is afraid.

Turk, what's wrong?

Don't get any closer. I don't want to hurt you.

Why would you hurt me?

I've been trying to hide them. I wanted to protect you. I hid the truth from you. I wanted to keep you safe.

Safe? Safe from what?

Look in to my eyes. Can you see them? Can you see them looking out at you? Can you see the darkness in me? I want them out of me. I want to rip them out of my soul. But they cling to me. Holding on so tight... so tight that I can't breathe.

Turk grabs her. She is scared but doesn't pull away.

Can you show me how to get rid of them? Can you help me?

I want to help. What can I do?

Turk pushes her away.

You're getting too close. I don't want them to hurt you.

Turk pleads with something invisible that Molly can't see.

Please don't hurt her too. Please leave her alone. You have me... you don't need her too.

Molly grabs Turk and shakes him.

Who are you talking to? Turk, there's nothing there.

See what you've done. You've made them angry. They are punishing me. They always punish me. They want to punish you too.

Turk turns to Molly with an angry look in his eye and moves toward her with his fists clenched.

Stop. You're scaring me. What are you doing?!

I can't let you! No! But I have to... it's the only way to make the pain inside me go away.

Turk moves to attack her and Molly screams. Turk falls to the floor before he can touch her and lays still a moment.

What happened to you? What's going on?

Lift me up... I feel like I am falling... I'm drowning inside. You feel so far away. I feel like nothing can reach me. I'm lost. I'm so weak. Please... I can't take this much longer. I can't do this anymore. How can I live with this pain inside me?

Then let me help you. Let me share the pain. Open up to me. Let me inside and I will fight this with you.

Turk jumps up and looks for a way out of the room.

There's no place we can hide. We'll never escape them. Run! Run before they find you! I am hell bound. They are burned in my soul. They are a part of me. But there is still hope for you.

I'm not leaving you. I'm here to stay. I will stay by your side and we can stop this together. Let me give you strength. Let me give you hope.

Hope... there's no hope anymore... I'm too far gone... buried... buried deep inside this tomb... lost and undone. My kingdom has come, his will was done... I am beyond heaven and earth... there is no deliverance from this evil.

Turk turns on her again. He is crying now. She tries to touch him but he pushes her away and falls to his knees

Why are you still here? Save yourself. Please... you can't. You're not strong enough. You can't stop them.

He hisses his last line quietly like he is possessed.

You can never take them from me.


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