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Actors! Win $100! Submit one or more of the monologues below to the Freedrama Winter 2015 Voice Acting Audition Contest and have a chance to win $100

Submit one or more of the monologues below to the Freedrama Winter 2015 Voice Acting Audition Contest and have a chance to win $100.

You must select from the following monologues:

"Angel's Wings" - Romantic monologue - Female (new) 
"A Thing for Nerds" - Comedy monologue - Female (new) 
"Back to Work" - Short dramatic monologue - Male (new) 
"The Big Bad Wolf" - Comedy monologue from the play "Holka Polka" - Male or Female (new) 
"Bones the Pirate Girl" - Comedy monologue for kids - Female (new) 
"Cowboy Salvation" - Longer Monologue for Male (new)
"Dance with the Wind" - Romantic monologue - Female (new) 
"Free of the Evil" - Dramatic Monologue from the play "Holy Ground" - Male (new) 
"Good Deeds and Such" - Comedy monologue from the play "Holka Polka" - Female (new) 
"Greed Killer Her" - Dramatic Monologue from the play "Ebony Scrooge" - Female (new) 
"Guardians of the Wallet" - Monologue from the play "Death of an Insurance Saleman" - Male (new) 
"Hungry for Death" - Dramatic Monologue from the play "Holy Ground" - Male (new) 
"I Hate Buffets" - Dramedy Monologue from upcoming play "Death of an Insurance Salesman" - Male or Female (new) 
"If I Let Myself Fall" - Romantic monologue - Female (new) - link goes to Freedrama blog
"I Was Never Important" - Dramatic Monologue from the play "Holy Ground" - Female (new) 
"My Punishment" - Over-dramatic Monologue for Female (or Male) from the play "Ebony Scrooge" (new) 
"My William Shatner Man Crush" - Comedy Monologue for Male (new) 
"Nervous" - Short Dramatic Monologue for Female (new) 
"Ode to the Squished" Short dramedy (over-dramatic comedy) monologue - Male or Female (new) 
"Ugly Mug" short monologue from the play "Blinded by the Knight" - (new) 
"The World's Evils" - monologue for male or female (new) 
Submit the voice recordings of one or more of these monologues to (most audio formats accepted). Please label your file with the title of the monologue and your name (for example: Ugly Mug Doug Larson.mp3)
The deadline is February 13, 2014.

Thank you and I look forward to your submissions.
Actors! Win $100! Submit one or more of the monologues below to the Freedrama Winter 2015 Voice Acting Audition Contest and have a chance to win $100

Finalists in Freedrama Fall 2014 Voice Acting Contest

Fall 2014 Voice Acting Contest!

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1. Jim Wilhelm (Winner of $100)

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4. Annie May

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6. Vanesia McCray

7. Adriane Evaline and

8. Thomas Muniz

9. Beau Bridgland

10. John Smialek

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"Ode to the Squished" short monologue for male or female - kids, teens, children, teenagers, high school - free solo stage play script

Here is a poem / monologue for any age or gender. I would probably label it as a dramedy.  It's a bit more comic but has a slight tragic side. It can be played over-dramatically by an actor or played humorously.

Please email for permission to use this monologue (include the title in the request: "Ode to the Squished").

"Ode to the Squished" by D. M. Larson
Through the wonders of evolution
A grasshopper learned to speak.

So excited by his revelation
The grasshopper rushed off
To tell the first human 
He could find
About his amazing discovery.

But when the first human
Happened along
He did not see
The little grasshopper
Standing in the path
Waving his tiny arms...

And the careless human
Lost in his thoughts
Stepped on the poor little grasshopper.

And all he 
Could manage to say to the human
Was "ouch"


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"Ode to the Squished" short monologue for male or female - kids, teens, children, teenagers, high school - free solo stage play script

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ONLY CHILDREN BELIEVE IN BUTTERFLIES monologue for female actor 7-9 minutes (free solo stage play script acting)

This is a combination of two different monologues adapted from two different plays. One is from a scene called "Ghosts I've Known" in the script "Secrets of my Soul" and another is from a scene called "Much Madness" from a script called "The Weird, Wild and Wonderful Days of School."

The scripts were written around the same time so that's why they work well together. Plus they have a similar theme of dealing with the death of her mother and having a father who abandoned her.

The monologue should be around 7-9 minutes long but if you come up with a different time, please post in the comments below. If you make a video version, share a link in the comments as well.  Be sure to credit the author and in your video description.

For permission to use this stage play script, email (please include the title in your request "ONLY CHILDREN BELIEVE IN BUTTERFLIES")




Ghosts have always been with me. Not by choice. At least not on my part. It just happens. I don't want to believe... but they've forced themselves on me. (Thoughtful) Perhaps the old Indian woman did it to me. I lived in her house too long as a child.

(Looks at ceiling)

At night, footsteps paced the ceiling. Over and over, an impatient march, forever in step to the silent drum. If only this had been my only encounter, I could dismiss it. "The house is settling," my mother said... but this wasn't all the house did.

(Lights slightly flicker)

Lights dimmed and glowed. Her ghostly will stronger than the new world magic conjured by GE.

I slept in my room. Well, not really slept. Sleep was never something I did much of, especially early on. My worries at seven far outweighed my need for sleep. Awake. Forever awake. My father had left me. My mother...

I was always worried mother would leave me too.

I wish the ghosts would go. But they linger. Always lingering. Never really gone.

The old Indian woman was my first. She rocked at my beside, all in white. My eyes met hers. Her eyes giving me a worried look as if I were the one who had expired.

Fear making my head sink deeply into covers. My eyes entombed by my lids. How long she waited, I'll never know. By dawn I ventured a look. She was gone... or perhaps she was never there.

Thinking the apparition a dream, I told my family and their eyes betrayed them. Others had known her too.

Mother had a vision. She did not go questing for it though. The old Indian, young to most who saw her, once lived on this land. A servant. A girl died here, she at her side... at her side rocking... and the girl died.

I wish I could have been there for her to...

Spirits dog me. Just when I no longer believe, they appear. Flashing white lights. A cold touch. They return.

Even now.

But this time it was too much. Another place. Another spirit. This time it was someone I knew.

(Slowly turns to panic during following)

It started with the call. The news that she had gone away. Finding myself in tears. Tears sapping me dry. Would the tears ever stop? Pain like a thick metal pole shoved up your ass.

(Tries to calm herself but panics again)

I had lost so much. An emptiness replaces love, anxious to find, nothing there... no body anyway, but something. Something that opens doors, something leaving tissue by the bed. The dog barking at nothing... but something. Finding things in new places, things missing. The locked door... open.

(Tries to calm herself)

Explanations fly. Knowledge our protection.

(Thinks a moment. Frowns and shivers)

It began with the cold. Spots of cold. A moment of normal then cold, as if the heat were sucked into another dimension. These don't bother me as much as the touch. A handless touch of nothing. Something grabbed by arm but no one was there.

(Pulls back in fear and runs. She falls to the ground)

I ran for bed, buried myself in covers and waited for dawn.

(She curls up in a ball. Pause)

You're never too old to hide under the covers. Wrapping yourself up into a cocoon. Hoping that when you emerge life will be butterflies again.

(She sighs and sits up)

But only children believe in butterflies.

(She rises again)

Adults know... or learn... that life is full of moths, caterpillars, and worms.


But when I'm alone... fear sets in. I wonder... do I really want to be alone? Maybe their visits comfort me.

Was it you that touched me that day?


And if you are still here, why do I feel so alone?

(Sees someone enter and gets upset, almost in a panic)

Please, stay away. Don't come in here. She won't visit me if you're here. Please.

(Person won't go and she gets more upset)

I want to be alone. I can't be around other people.

(Pause. Looks up, afraid)

I get really scared. I almost feel like I can't breathe.

(Panics a little)

I just need to be alone, Doctor.


You don't really care. You're simply doing your job. Once I'm "better" you'll be through with me. Then it's on to another person.

(Gives a mean look)

You're just like everyone else.

(Speaking viciously)

You probably haven't cared about anyone in years. That would be unprofessional... and a burden you don't need in your life.

(She pauses. Calms a little)

Please, just let me go - I know what I need better than you.

(Angry again)

You're not God, you know. You don't have the powers to cure everything. I know what you can and can't do.


Go on! Get out now!

(Long pause and silence. Cries)

No one really cares, do they?

(Struggles to talk through her tears)

You think you can help me... change me...


People should only fix what's broken.


I said I don't want to talk anymore! Leave me alone! I don't have to tell you anything! I'm not a little kid.

(Bends over and buries her face in her hands. Cries for a bit and then is much calmer)

There's so much you don't know.

(She looks up at the sky)

If only I could fly.

(her eyes look in wonder)

I'm leaving all the Earthly matters to you. I belong near a different sun.

(Points to a star)

I wish I were a star... part of some constellation so I would never be lonely.

It's so free out there. No one can touch you or hurt you... you can simply shine.


People don't like it when you shine. That's why stars are up there and not down here. Humans think the brightness is offensive.

(Pause. Looks and smiles at the stars)

My mother is a star now.

She always seemed like one to me. But stars don't like it very well where they can't be stars anymore so they fade away, never shining again.

(Pause Grows sad)

I want to be a star. Stars having meaning. Stars I understand.


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ONLY CHILDREN BELIEVE IN BUTTERFLIES monologue for female actor 7-9 minutes free solo stage play script acting

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Advice on performing monologue Breaking Heart by D. M. Larson (solo stage play script for female)

Here is some advice on how to perform the monologue "Breaking Heart" by D. M. Larson.

This monologue is a wonderful choice for an actress because is allows her to show a range of emotions. I have seen males successful do this monologue as well so it can work for both genders.

Sometimes you are allowed to perform two contrasting monologues (one drama and one comedy) but if not, and you only get one shot, this monologue is for you because you get to go from comedy to drama.  This can also be a great over-dramatic monologue if you have a lot of power and energy in your acting you want to showcase.  View the notes below for each part of the monologue.  These notes will cover how an actress might show different emotions in her performance. Note: The speaking parts are in regular text and the suggestions have *( before and )* after.

"Breaking HEART"
by D. M. Larson
Monologue from Published Play

*(In this first part, Jo should act like this is no big deal.  She should be casual, almost not interested)*

You want to break up... sure... no problem... yeah, I wanted to break up too.

*(At this point Jo starts to become sarcastic but still try to maintain her casual, "I don't care" attitude)*

I've been thinking about it from the day we met.  This is a person I will need to break up with.  But hey... you beat me to it.  No hard feelings.

*(Now she is reacting to something he said like "We can still be friends." For a moment, she let's her hurt feelings show through and has to turn away to hide it)*

(shrugs and turns away)  
Be friends?

*(She gets control of her emotions again and turns to him trying to be happy and cheerful. Be she is almost too happy and cheerful that is comes across as fake).*

(turns with a huge smile)  
Sure!  I'd love to be friends.  That's the natural evolution of most relationships.  Have a fling and then boom... friends.  I'm sure some of the best friendships started that way.

*(She really over-does the friendly stuff now.  She might even try to act like a guy [or more like a girl if a male is performing this]).*

(overly enthusiastic) 
I look forward to hanging out with you, buddy.  Let's meet up and go to... 
([insert stereotypical place opposite gender likes to hang out: Hooters, Victoria's Secret, football game, shopping, etc.])

*(Here is where she loses control of her emotions. The sadness and anger and hurt start to show through)*
...some time and hang out. 
That would be GREAT!

*(Now she gets quiet. She is fighting to keep her emotions in check. She doesn't want to show she is upset but she can't hide it. She is very quiet and almost can't speak. She closes her eyes unable to look at the person she is talking to)*
What?  Upset?   No, I'm not upset.  Why would I be... upset...

*(She can't hold it in anymore. She starts crying a little. The sadness comes out as well as the anger)*

No, I'm not crying.  I said, I'm not crying!

*(She starts crying a lot now. Her voice becomes angry and vicious)*
I don't want your pity.  I don't want a shoulder to cry on.  I want... to be left...

*(She is screaming at him now.  Her emotions come out full force)*

...ALONE!  Don't you get it.  I want to be alone!

*(She stops. There is a long pause here.  The anger is gone now. The yelling helped calm her down. But not a deep sadness has replaced the anger. All she can feel is sadness. A depression gets a strong grip on her)*

(pauses... sadly reflects) 
I've always wanted to be alone.  I never wanted to get close to anyone.  I never wanted us to get close.  And I guess I was closer to you than you were to me.

*(He says something like "I wanted to be close to you too" but she doesn't believe him. She doesn't believe anything he says anymore. She feel deceived and tricked by him. She feels the anger again)*
(turns angry)  
Don't lie to me.  I know you don't mean it.  I don't want to hear any more lies!  I don't want you to make something up so you can get out of this.  I want it all laid out on the table.

*(She screams at him again)*
I want to know the truth!

*(There is a long pause again. All her energy is gone. She goes limp. She has nothing left anymore. All she can do is cry. She doesn't think she can speak anymore. She has given up... on everything. But then she manages to say one last thing, quietly)*

(long pause... cries... then manages to say)  
I want to know why you are breaking my heart.

*(At the end, she can curl up in a little ball and cry to end the scene)*


Please share your tips on this monologue below in the comments. If you try something different that works, please let us know.  Thank you!


You must ask for permission before using this play in a performance or publication by contacting

If you use this script on Youtube, Please be sure to credit the author (D. M. Larson) and the website in your description.  Thanks!

Find more monologues at

Here is some advice on how to perform the monologue "Breaking Heart" by D. M. Larson

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"If You Give a Wookie a Cookie" - monologue poem for kids - children

Here is a children's monologue I wrote just for fun.  It might be more of a poem than a monologue but if you'd like to use it, please contact (and include the title "If You Give a Wookie a Cookie" in your request).

"If You Give a Wookie a Cookie" by D. M. Larson

If you give a wookie a cookie, then he'll want some more

Never tell him no and try to kick him out the door

Because he'll throw himself down and have a fit on the floor

Then he'll need a bandage because he gave himself a sore

And he sees something on a shelf that he totally adores

So you give it to him because you have no clue what it is for

Then on tv, he sees the pod races and wonders about the score

And he cheers when he realizes his team is winning by four

Then he'll celebrate with a whole box of cookies from before

and want to share with his friends from the planet Endore

"If You Give a Wookie a Cookie" - monologue poem for kids - children
"Wookie" Picture used with permission from Cryptid-Creations


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