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"The Cinnamon Roll of Happiness" short script for 4 actors

"The Cinnamon Roll of Happiness" short script for 4 actors by D. M. Larson

[work in progress]

(JAMES is a homeless looking man sitting at a table in an outdoor cafe eating some food)

HOST: What are you doing?

JAMES: Eating.

HOST: This isn’t your table.

JAMES: It isn’t?

HOST: No. You’re eating someone else’s food.

JAMES: They were done. They left. Here is the signed receipt. They left a nice tip.

HOST: How generous. Now, leave.

JAMES: What will you do with all this food?

HOST: Throw it in the trash. You can find it there later.

JAMES: I’d rather eat it now.

HOST: I’d rather you didn’t.

JAMES: Waste not, want not.

HOST: Must I get security?

JAMES: Look, I can pay. I have money. I can order something.

(JAMES waves to waitress)

WAITRESS: How can I help you?

HOST: You can’t.

WAITRESS: Something wrong?

JAMES: I’d like to order one of those super healthy juices… the green superfood one.

WAITRESS: Coming right up.

(WAITRESS goes and HOST is frustrated)

HOST: No, it is not coming right up. You need to leave. 

JAMES: What’s your problem?

HOST: Someone has reserved this table already.

JAMES: There’s other tables.

HOST: Not like this one.

JAMES: It does have a nice view.

HOST: The best view. That’s why I need it immediately.

JAMES: Very relaxing.

HOST: And highly desired by some of our most elite clients.

JAMES: You got someone pretty special wanting this table, eh?

HOST: Indeed... so will you please move.

JAMES: After I get my juice.

(WAITRESS comes in with a green drink. She has one hand behind her back)

WAITRESS: Here you go.

(HOST snags the drink)

HOST: No, no, no. 

(HOST exits with drink. WAITRESS reveals another drink from behind her back and gives it to JAMES)

WAITRESS: I thought he might do that. That was a decoy. Here’s your drink.

JAMES: Thank you so much.

WAITRESS: Anything else?

JAMES: How about one of your famous cinnamon rolls?

WAITRESS: Warmed up?

JAMES: With butter.

WAITRESS: Of course.

(WAITRESS exits and HOST enters with SECURITY)

HOST: Remove the vagabond please.

(HOST does a snotty look and gesture at JAMES and goes)

SECURITY: Come on, let’s go.

JAMES: Have you ever had the cinnamon rolls here?

SECURITY: No, I’m not allowed to eat on the job. And they don’t have an employee discount or anything. I can’t really afford the food here.

JAMES: The cinnamon rolls are amazing.

(WAITRESS brings one out)

WAITRESS: Here you go. Nice and warm with extra butter.

JAMES: Amazing. Can you bring me another one?

WAITRESS: Sure. Coming right up.

(WAITRESS exits)

JAMES: Here, try it.

(SECURITY looks off stage nervously)

SECURITY: Um, I don’t know.

JAMES: If you try it, then I will come with you peacefully.

SECURITY: That sounds reasonable.

(JAMES gives SECURITY a fork. SECURITY sits down and takes a bite and gets a look of delight)

SECURITY: That is amazing.

JAMES: I know!

SECURITY: It melts in your mouth.

JAMES: Incredible isn’t it? Try some more. 

SECURITY: Oh, wow. I’ve always smelled them cooking these.
I’ve always wondered how good they might be. This is better than I imagined.

JAMES: Have the rest. 

SECURITY: We better hurry.

(WAITRESS enters with box)

WAITRESS: I thought I better make this one to go. Someone is looking a little angry back there.

JAMES: Good thinking. Thank you. Keep the change.

(JAMES gives WAITRESS a wad of money)

WAITRESS: I don’t mind getting you change. 

JAMES: No need

WAITRESS: Are you sure?

JAMES: More than sure. You all work so hard here and made my day so much happier. I’m happy to do something in return. 

WAITRESS: I hope it’s okay if I clear this table now.

JAMES: Of course. I’ll help.

WAITRESS: You don’t have to.

JAMES: I insist.

SECURITY: I’ll help too.

(They all work together and clear the table and exit.  HOST enters looking smug and satisfied)

HOST: Much better. 

(SECURITY enters still eating cinnamon roll. Stops when he sees HOST)

SECURITY: The vagrant has been removed from the premises.

HOST: Well, done. And his contraband has been recovered. That waitress needs to be fired.

(HOST prepares table for next guest)

SECURITY: Oh, no. You don’t need to do that. The vagrant paid for everything.

HOST: I doubt it.

SECURITY: I saw it with my own eyes. He even tipped the waitress.

HOST: With counterfeit money, I’ll bet. Or stolen money. 

SECURITY: As far as I can see, no crime was committed here. Everyone cooperated. No one needs to be punished.

HOST: Look here, you two-bit rent-a-cop. We don’t pay you to have opinions. I know what I saw and I know I am right. 

(HOST takes cinnamon roll)

HOST: Allow me to throw this in the trash for you.


HOST: What?

SECURITY: This was a gift.

HOST (cont.): What are you talking about?

SECURITY: It was paid for and it was a gift… to me. And I like it.

(SECURITY lifts the fork slowly and defiantly, about to eat, stops, sighs, and gives it up to HOST)

HOST: Good choice.

(HOST exits with cinnamon roll. WAITRESS enters with a box)

WAITRESS: That was brave what you did there, standing up for yourself like that)

SECURITY: Not quite. I backed down. 

WAITRESS: But you did speak up. That’s more than I can do.


WAITRESS: Here’s a little reward.

SECURITY: A cinnamon roll?

WAITRESS: I thought you might like another one.


WAITRESS: One good turn deserves another.


(This is a work in progress that goes with the following scene:

short script for 4 actors

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"Tongues of Fire" short script for 3 actors about gossip (scene with a moral message)

short script for 3 actors
by D. M. Larson

(Two business women are sitting outside eating lunch together.
A homeless looking man is wandering around behind them.
He stops when he hears them speaking and slowly approaches them)

ROSE: Can you believe what Joe did today?

WINNY: What a loser. 

ROSE: I’ve never seen anything so stupid in my life.

WINNY: Well I have. You know Sandy? In accounting?

ROSE: Yeah…

(JAMES jumps up between them and startles them)

JAMES: The tongue is a fire, a world of iniquity…
it defileth the whole body, and setteth on fire the course of nature;
and it is set on fire of hell.

ROSE: Okay…

WINNY: Bye bye now, weird little person

ROSE: Go on… there you go. 

(JAMES wanders away mad. He pauses upstage and listens to them again)

WINNY: Anyway….

ROSE: What about Sandy.

WINNY: She has a secret.

ROSE: Really?

WINNY: And I know what it is.

ROSE: Tell me…


ROSE: Please…

WINNY: Okay….

(JAMES comes around from the side and startles them again)

JAMES: No man tame the tongue; it is an unruly evil, full of deadly poison.

WINNY: Excuse me, but this is a private conversation.

ROSE: You want a hot dog or something?
I’ll buy you a hot dog if you go away.
I’m not giving you money though.
You’ll just use it to get drugs or drunk or something.

WINNY: I think he’s already drunk.

ROSE: Hot dog? No? 

(JAMES goes away, but eventually makes his way back again to the other side of them)

WINNY: Maybe he’s vegan.

ROSE: He looks vegan.

WINNY: What does that mean?

ROSE: Are you vegan?

WINNY: No, but it’s supposed to be good for you.

ROSE: Have you ever had vegan food?


ROSE: Well, it’s not good.

WINNY: I hear Sandy likes vegan food.

ROSE: Stop teasing me! Tell me what Sandy did.

WINNY: You’ll never believe it.

ROSE: Try me.

WINNY: Well, let’s just say she is the reason Joe had that fit.

ROSE: That’s who Joe was screaming about?

WINNY: She is the one who shot him with stapler.

ROSE: What did he do to her?

WINNY: Well I heard…

(JAMES speaks more softly and kindly)

JAMES: Doth a fountain send forth at the same place sweet water and bitter?

ROSE: Aren’t there some words of wisdom about minding your own business? 

WINNY: Don’t try to reason with him.

ROSE: Maybe we should go.

WINNY: But then I’ll never know about Sandy… and Joe.

JAMES: Perhaps you can help them.

ROSE: Help them?

JAMES: Sandy and Joe need your help.

WINNY: They would make a cute couple.

ROSE: Maybe it was just a misunderstanding…
maybe Sandy is a victim of fake news.
Maybe Joe didn’t really do what people said he did.

WINNY: What did he do?

JAMES: Fake news! Gossip! The serpent strikes and poisons their minds. Heal what is broken.

ROSE: Maybe I could help. 

WINNY: Helping get people together is fun. 

ROSE: Supposedly they were already together.

WINNY: Really?

ROSE: It was a secret love.

WINNY: I love secret loves.

ROSE: And we have to help them.

WINNY: Okay.

ROSE: I have a plan.

(WINNY and ROSE exit excitedly and one of them forgets their lunch.
JAMES sits and eats it and smiles)

JAMES: Blessed are the peacemakers.


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short script for 3 actors about gossip scene with a moral message

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Why are jokes good for kids? Comedy with Young Actors

Teaching humor to children starts at an early age. Jokes are a fun way to encourage communication and listening skills.
Start with a simple joke like “why did the chicken cross the road?” and then do variations on the joke.
And try puns and play on words.

Laughter and jokes are a great way to connect with your children as a parent and students as a teacher. And humor helps kids grow into healthy adults who can laugh and joke. Humor helps us get through the tough times and makes the good times even better.

10 family friendly jokes
Use JOKES in the classroom to:
improve COMMUNICATION skills and
teach young actors TIMING and AUDIENCE interaction

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Fun Art Made for You! Great for Production or Gifts

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Low Cost PDF of script:

Word document version:


HOLLY sits in a chair in a backyard garden with vines and flowers. She holds a musical instrument. She clearly doesn’t like practicing. She is trying a series of notes over and over and doing terrible.

I hate this.

She tosses the instrument in frustration into some bushes. The bushes yelp in reply.


HOLLY jumps up suddenly and backs away from the BUSH.

Did you just… I thought I heard…

A strange forest creature covered in leaves and branches emerges from the bush. He is angry.

You hurt me!

BUSH has the instrument in his hand and charges toward her. HOLLY stumbles back, afraid of the creature.

Please, stop, no! I didn’t mean to.

BUSH stops and wags a finger at her.

I’m going to teach you a lesson.

Don’t threaten me.

Too late. It’s already been done. Go! And never return.

BUSH pushes her into the bushes behind her and they engulf her. He grabs for BUSH and manages to get her instrument but it falls with him into the bushes.


HOLLY tumbles through branches and leaves and gets tangled up. She struggles to get free and finds herself somewhere strange and unfamiliar. The forest has twisted trees and foliage of unnatural colors.

What happened? What is this place?
An animal like creature, part animal, part human peaks from behind a tree.

This is not a what.

HOLLY sees the strange animal and slowly approaches.

How about where am I?

This is not a where. This is a why.

HOLLY A why? What do you mean?

Too many whats. Not enough whys.

HOLLY You’re talking so weird. Everything here is so strange.

And do you know why?

I don’t. I don’t know any of this.

Well, my name is Fawn. Now you know me.

I’m Holly.

Nice to meet you, Holly.

FAWN gets excited when she sees HOLLY’s musical instrument.

Is that…

FAWN reaches for the instrument and HOLLY gladly gives it to her.

It’s glorious.

You can keep it. I don’t want it anymore.

Why? It’s amazing.

FAWN begins to sing and the instrument plays in reply on it’s own.

How did you do that?

I speak to things and they speak to me.

FAWN sings again and the instrument joins her. Suddenly there is a roar. A MONSTER runs out and FAWN drops the instrument and hides. HOLLY falls and can’t get away. The MONSTER runs up to the instrument.

What is that horrible sound?

MONSTER picks up the instrument.

Who brought this here? This is forbidden.

I’m so sorry, sir. I didn’t know…

Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

I would be happy to go and leave here. I just don’t know how.

No one leaves here. Once you come, you don’t go.

Why not? Why can’t I go?

That’s the rule.

Well, it’s a stupid rule.

No rules are stupid. Rules are good.

They’re only good for those who make them.

Hmm… but rules are rules. And you broke them. So you must be punished.

FAWN pokes her head out.

Wait. It wasn’t her. It was me.


Then you shall face judgement.

MONSTER takes FAWN. HOLLY tries to pursue them, but MONSTER pushes her down and exits with FAWN. HOLLY lies on the ground hurt and crying. She picks up her instrument and gets a weird look on her face. HOLLY plays her instrument badly. Then she plays louder. The MONSTER roars in the distance. HOLLY plays even louder. The MONSTER’s roar is louder and closer. HOLLY keeps playing. The MONSTER stumbles in.

Stop! You’re hurting my ears!

Not until you change the rules.


HOLLY plays even louder. The MONSTER is in pain.

Fine! Whatever! What rule do want changed? You want to go home? Then go!

HOLLY considers this. But instead she says…

HOLLY I want you to allow music to be played.

Wouldn’t you rather go home?

HOLLY I would rather you release Fawn.

MONSTER snorts and waves to FAWN who runs to HOLLY. The MONSTER leaves.

You helped me.

HOLLY I did. That was so unfair.

But you lost your chance to go home.

I couldn’t go knowing someone was in trouble because of this stupid instrument of mine. It’s a curse.

It could be a blessing if you let it.

HOLLY What do you mean? Or should I ask why?

Why indeed.

FAWN starts to go.

HOLLY Wait. Are you leaving?

I must go.

HOLLY Don’t leave me. Please.

It’s time.

FAWN runs away. HOLLY starts to go after her but can’t see where she went.


HOLLY falls to the ground.

That’s what I get for trying to help.

HOLLY is alone and sad. She takes her instrument and throws it.

All because of you.

The woods grow darker. HOLLY cries.

Because of me.

Suddenly there is a little light and her instrument starts to play.

I’m always giving up.

The instrument plays more and the light grows.

I hate it when things get difficult.

The instrument plays more as does the light.

But there is only one way to get better.

HOLLY picks up her instrument and the light becomes blindingly bright and HOLLY can’t see for a moment. She runs and stumbles through the bushes and suddenly finds herself back in her garden.

I’m home.

She settles into her chair with her instrument and gets out some sheet music. She takes a deep breath and tries again. The instrument plays beautifully in reply. FAWN peaks through the bushes and smiles and then dances happily nearby.


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Copyright and Royalty

These scripts are published and protected by Copyright (c) 2001-2019.

When you purchase a PDF, you may make as many photocopies as needed (but please do NOT repost online in any way).

Purchasing a PDF of this script gives you the rights to use for:





If you use the script in a paid performance where admission is charged or in a competition, please pay the royalty:

This royalty covers all performances that occur within one month’s time.

IMPORTANT: Please be sure to get permission from your competition for the script before performing it.

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