Friday, September 6, 2013

Monologue from a published play "Sleeping Spell" adapted from "Sleeping Handsome"

Here is a new comedy monologue. It's a great one if you're looking to audition for an evil character but want to show some humor as well.

Sleeping Spell BY D. M. Larson (ADAPTED from The Play "Sleeping Handsome")


So Prince Charles. It looks like we’re getting engaged… it's about time the witch gets to be the princess.  I'm tired of all those cutesy chicks getting their happy endings.  Time for the bad girls to get theirs...

(Does a dance) Uh huh.. That's right. You dig it?

(Reacts to Prince)

What do you mean I am disqualified.  I won your riddle contest.  What ugly clause in the rules? Let me see that. (grabs scroll) This is horrible. I didn’t know about this.
Oh, I hate the fine print. You should be ashamed at having a rule like this. That's so... Evil.

(Evil grin)

I knew I liked you.

Well... You want ugly?  I'll show you ugly. You haven't seen anything yet.

(She pulls out her magic wand and waves it)

Here’s a nice spell who will make girls weep. Get a pillow - cause you're going to sleep. (Light flash. Zap sound) There you go handsome... Sleeping handsome.  I like the sound of that.

(Evil laughter)

*** [End here for short version or continue for longer version]

I figured Prince Charles would cheat at his own game and not allow me to win the riddle contest. That’s why I had the sleeping spell ready. And it’s a very special sleeping spell that we have to let work over time. In time, the spell will be powerful enough for me to have my revenge. (Laughs evilly... Sees someone enter)

(Becomes sweet and innocent)

Oh hello... I have no idea what happened to the prince... He said he was getting ever so sleepy and poof... He was off to dreamland.

What? How could you think little old me did this?  A witch?  I'm not a witch.  How could you say such a thing?

A wand?  Is that what this is?  I thought it was a back scratcher.

Okay. fine. You got me. Yes, I am a witch and it was no accident.

But I’m afraid you won’t be able to do anything about it. (Points wand) Only a little rest so I can do what’s best. (Zaps) Just a short little sleep for you, only long enough to help my plan along.  I’ll wake him all right. I’ll wake him with a magic kiss. One that will put him under my power.... Forever!  (Evil laughter)

Read the entire play of "Sleeping Handsome" at

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