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Forget About Me - long female monologue - solo stage play script - woman teen young adult girl - high school teenager

This monologue is adapted from several other monologues I've written.  This one combines several popular monologues: Staying Power, Wishing, The Monster and The Not So Perfect Child - I have been many requests to make some of these monologues longer for competition purposes so this is my solution for all of you.

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"Forget About Me"

by D. M. Larson

Jamie Moira 
Now those stars up there in the sky have staying power. I can always count on them. I can always look up and know they'll be there for me. The stars on Earth burn out too quickly. They have a moment where they shine so bright but then poof. They're gone. A memory. Sometimes not even that. But with the stars in the sky, I know they'll be there night after night, always there for me to make a wish. 

I make wishes all the time. I watch for the first star each night and say... 

"Star light star bright, first star I see tonight... I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight..." I always make the same wish, but I can't tell you what it is. Then it might not come true. I really want it too. It would change my life.

So I go to wishing wells with lucky pennies... Those pennies you find that people have lost... Unlucky for them... Lucky for me... Then I toss them in the wishing well in front of the old museum. And I toss them in the fountain at the mall... Each time making my wish.

Have you ever wanted anything that badly in your life? So badly that you can't imagine your future without it?

I would be so sad if my life wasn't different... If things didn't change... If I was still stuck here... In this life. But I won't stop wishing... I can't...

I don't want to be left with nothing... I want some meaning... A reason things my life turned out this way.  I want this suffering to be worth while.

I suffer every day and you don't even see it. You don't see the hurt inside me do you? But it's too much to hold inside anymore. 

I can't handle it... I'm going crazy. The fear is crippling me... I have to drag myself out of bed and force myself to live each day... Sure, I put on this happy face... I bet you think I am pretty cheerful... No one cares to see the pain under my skin... The pain that's ripping at me... And tearing me apart.

What's wrong with me? You sure you want to know? 

I feel like I am never good enough for you.
(Anger builds)
No matter what I do it's not as good as my sister.  I always have to hear how she would have done it better.  Or how she already did it better.


Why does she want to ruin my life?  She just wants to blot me out like I was some sort of mistake... I'm just a copy... A copy of a copy... Not as good as the original... Not as good as you.
(Sarcastic and bitter)

You are so perfect... Everyone around me is so perfect... And there was nothing left over for me... I am the leftover failures... I am the fatty waste you toss to the dogs. 


Everyone hates me!  Why does everyone think I am so horrible...

(Shakes and tries to hold back the fury)

Probably because I am.  A horrible creature doomed to walk this earth and suffer... For you.

(Cries uncontrollably... Struggles to speak)

I'm hurting... Hurting so bad inside.  Cut off from everyone ... Punished for some past life wrongs... What did I do in a past life to deserve this?.. Or am I paying for the sins of my father... And mother... Am I your sin?  Or do I remind you of some sin you want to forget?

(Anger builds)

Or I am a disappointment that keeps disappointing...  I even disappoint myself.


I will never be my sister.  I don't want to be her.  I hate everything about her!  

(Cries... Sadness)

But I don't want to be me either.  Sometimes I want to fade away... Become a shadow... Fading away... Forgotten... Maybe if you forget about me I won't make you so sad anymore.



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female monologue - solo stage play script - woman teen young adult girl - high school teenager

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