Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Acting Advice from Tom Hanks, Bryan Cranston and Ben Stiller - Tips for Actors

Don't just talk about acting. Go out and be an actor. Don't worry about the quality of the project. You can learn from any acting experience, good or bad.  And use bad projects as networking opportunities. Go out, meet people, ask questions and make friends in the acting world. Volunteering can lead to work as well. Tom Hanks volunteered on his first project and it turned into a full time acting job.

What is the best way to start as an actor?  "Act - find a place to act." Says Bryan Cranston.  Create your own opportunities and don't wait for a phone call.

Finally "Do it because you love it" says Ben Stiller - and don't let rejection discourage you because there will be a lot of rejection along the way. But if you're doing what you love then you've already succeeded. What could be better than getting up every day and doing something you really enjoy?

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