Saturday, December 17, 2016

Bad Air Texas aka "We'll Always Have Amarillo" full length comedy stage play script for 5 actors

Bad Air (Texas)
"We'll Always Have Amarillo"
by D. M. Larson

A funny play for 5 actors
Copyright © 2004
For permission, email

Full length comedy stage play script
with the option to be used as a mystery dinner theatre script.

Cast of Characters
RICKY: A handsome worker at AirCraphvia who is anxious for advancement.
CAMI: Another employee at AirCraphvia. She’s an ample, but extremely sexy woman.
STACY: Regional director of AirCraphvia.
EVA: Daughter of CORBICHOVICH. She is a student and an actress.
CORBICHOVICH: Dictator of the Eastern European country of Craphvia. He is also the owner of AirCraphvia.
AirCraphvia is pronounced Air-Craff-via but Cami can feel free to say it Air-Crap-a, Air Crappy, Air-Crap, etc. Same goes for the country’s pronunciation Craphvia is Craff-via, but Cami can Crappy-a, Crap-a, etc.
Place and Time
The AirCraphvia check-in desk at an airport in present day Amarillo, Texas.
The play may be divided into two or three acts. See notes throughout the script for recommendations on intermissions for both.

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