Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New free drama monologue for male actor "Sirens at Sea" from published play "Secrets of my Soul"

SIRENS AT SEA free monologue for male actor

by D. M. Larson from the published play "Secrets of my Soul"

There is a violent storm and Odysseus is alone, tied to the mast of his ship.


I face this test like all others. I resist as I always resist. Though you drive me to madness, I survive. You hear me?! I survive!

A long silence. The siren's song is heard hauntingly around him.

...but what is survival without reward... what is survival with emptiness... I could have kept to the safety of the shore, the security of my home... but there was so much emptiness... and I never found the reward despite all my labors... I slowly felt myself slipping away... but the sea... the sea and the battles that awaited me... will they destroy me? Was I not prepared for what I would face? Did I wait too long to take up my sword? Am I too weak now? Where am I? Where have I gone?

He pauses, tired. Then he is angry.

I'm lost at sea and lost inside myself? Give me direction! Give me an answer! I need something! Anything! Why have you cast me out again?! Am I lost in my madness for all eternity?!

He is in pain. The siren's song grows stronger. He struggles with the ropes that binds him.

Stop! Stop this now! You're tearing me apart!

Darkness. The siren's song stops. The sounds of the storm return. Odysseus is tied to the mast again.

Love... passion... purpose... needs... they drive me mad yet I feel empty when they are gone... my chest is filled with hurt... I can hardly breathe... Why do I need what destroys me?

He is quiet and the siren's song returns.

I'm so tired. I've been on this journey and fought in this war and yet there are still no answers... still no end... I keep searching... keep looking... and keep finding the same emptiness... the same trap. The same path which loops in on itself... infinity... the unending loop. Why can't I break the cycle and find a way out?

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Awesome picture by my wife, Shiela Larson - see more of her art at http://kachumi.deviantart.com/gallery/

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