Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Not So Perfect Child (new picture for most popular free monologue) http://freedrama.net/notperfect.html

The most popular monologue (and script in general) on the Freedrama website is "The Not So Perfect Child" which has been a favorite and used by many for auditions. 

 It's a part of the published book "Flowers in the Desert."  

Check out this free dramatic monologue for female child/teen actors at the following link:


(Quiet anger)
You hate me don't you? I am never good enough for you.
(Anger builds)
No matter what I do it's not as good as my sister.  I always have to hear how she would have done it better.  Or how she already did it better.


Why does she want to ruin my life?  She just wants to blot me out like I was some sort of mistake... I'm just a copy... A copy of a copy... Not as good as the original... Not as good as you.

Read the full monologue at this link

Thank you for picture, luv! By my wife, Shiela Larson - see more of her art at http://kachumi.deviantart.com/gallery/

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