Tuesday, September 30, 2014

"Good Deeds and Such" female comedy monologue from published play Holka Polka

This monologue is about a witch named Hilda from the published play "Holka Polka" by D. M. Larson ISBN-13: 978-1502445490

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All right, you witches. We've got ourselves a PR problem here.

Witches have got a seriously bad reputation here in Fairy Tale Land and it's only getting worse since the Hansel and Gretel incident. I mean, come on people. Eating children. That's just low.

The fairies are thinking of getting rid of all magic.

They can and they will unless we turn things around and prove we can handle having it.

They gave it to Fairy Tale Land in the first place. And now they want it all back because they think we can't handle it.

We have a crisis here. I mean, what's a witch without her magic?

We're nothing, I tell you. Nothing! We'll be just a bunch of creepy old hags with bad hair and skin.

We have to do a major PR thing. Good deeds and stuff.


Then say "poof" to your magic and learn to use chopsticks because that's all our wands will be good for.

We need to do a good deed. Not just any good deed, but a whopper of a good one.

We're going to save the Prince... Aka Sleeping Handsome.

But think of the PR. Witches saving the Prince who has been put under a sleeping spell. And we must do it before some bubble headed princess manages to beat us to it.



Read the entire script of Holka Polka at: http://freedrama.net/polka2.html

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"Good Deeds and Such" female comedy monologue from published play Holka Polka