Monday, August 10, 2015

"The Girl Who Broke His Finger" monologue for female by D. M. Larson

"The Girl Who Broke His Finger" by D. M. Larson monologue for female actor (comedy dramedy) from a high school play called "The Ghosts of Detention" ISBN-13: 978-1499111309

This monologue is about a girl named Harmony who goes by the name Harm.

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This book includes excellent monologues for teen actors including "I Need Detention", "The Girl Who Broke His Finger", "Wishing" and "Big Zero."


by D. M. Larson

(HARM wears all black and is sharpening a pencil with a pocket knife)


I don't like to be touched... By anyone... Ever.
Touch me and I touch you back... With my fist.

I want to hurt them... Cause them pain like they did to me... Suffer... Squirm... Beg for mercy.

This guy touched me... with a big smile on his face... Like he did it to be funny... And I broke his finger...

Back in detention again for it... I wonder how long they can keep me in there... I must've racked up a few years by now... At the rate I'm going, I will 30 before I get out of high school detention.

What's the point of trying... no point in being good and pretending because it never gets me anywhere... I've stopped wishing I'm something, I'm not.


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