Friday, January 1, 2016

Part 10 Free Acting School - Freedrama Online Class for Actors - 2016 Edition

On the final part of this class, reflect on being an actor again. What are some ways you'll continue to practice your acting? Set some goals for yourself.

Here are some possible goals:

1. School plays are great experience. Casting directors like actors with theatre/stage experience.

2. Community theatre plays are another way to train yourself and work with adult actors who can teach you a lot and maybe even help make connections.

3. Make your own short films. Even if you make bad short films, you still learn a lot of acting and then watching yourself. Have fun with it and don't worry about being good. But watch the finished film and think about how you can do better.

4. Start a YouTube channel. You can even make a little money by monetizing the video. And if you're lucky, you'll have a viral hit and make your mark early. Here is my Freedrama YouTube channel:

5. Start going to Auditions. Here is a great source for auditions:

6. Try Freelance Websites such as where you can offer to making acting videos or record voice overs for marketing and advertising - if you sign up for Fiverr, there is a good chance I will hire you.  So if you do sign up for, send me an email at and let me know.  I might feature you on my blog too to help you promote this.  :)

Agents: It's better to wait until you have some experience before going to an agent. Agents want to see that you can get paid work with your acting. Once you get a paid acting job, that's when you can go to an agent and ask to be represented.

TIP: Avoid agents you charge you money up front. A good agent will only charge you a percentage when you get a paid acting job. They only get paid if you get paid work.

Check the Screen Actor's Guild (SAG) website for approved acting agents. Here is a list of SAG approved agents. The best agents will be on this list:

Going Hollywood: The best way to go to Los Angeles or New York City is to be a college student. USC, UCLA and NYU are great schools with connections to the film and theatre industry. At these universities, you create a network of people who will help you get jobs in the future. Plus a degree gives you other options to make money in the future. Acting rarely pays the bills so it's good to have something to fall back on, especially when you get started.

There are other cities such as Austin, Texas or Orlando, Florida that have a lower cost of living and have active film industries. You can consider these places as well.

Final Post!

Write about your acting plans and goals for the future.

Students who complete all lessons including recording two monologues (and making corrections from the instructor) will get a Acting School Certificate.  Be sure to email about your certificate to see if you met all the requirements.


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Free Acting School - Goals as an Actor
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  1. My goals are:

    1. To join as many local plays as possible.

    2. To create my own acting channel with personal actings.

    3. (long term goal) to join a good acting university and reach my dreams of inspiring people through acting.

    1. I like that you want to Create your own acting channel. That mean that you are serious about beig an actor. Good luck,Juan.

    2. My plans are to go to LA and look for work. I wouldn't mine working for a major Production Company like Sony Pictures and Overbrook. When leaving, I'll have my resume with experience I've been wanting. I love the tips for acting casting. So,I might start my acting also but for now it's the headshot with the resume. I wish all of the class members a good luck. Tanika Garner aka Zoe Garner

  2. My acting plans are to become one of the greatest. My goal is to get on Broadway. I plan on working on my acting and writing skills daily.

    1. Practice makes prefect, by working on your skills each day, i am sure you will reach your goals. Good luck

    2. Hey, sounds good and I've been writing a book on poetry and short stories. Acting is something I've wanted to do since I was six years old. I'm going for my heart and keep trying with acting. Acting is a must for me. Hope for the best classmates 2016. Tanika Garner aka Zoe Garner

  3. I've been seriously doing auditions for a year now and I had been able to get a couple of student film projects. My goal for this year is to be able to improve myself and continue auditioning until I could land a full-length project. I also tried to go to TVC auditions but it is really hard to get a part in that industry and so I decided to push through with film instead.

  4. i want to be an actor and start in commericals or on tv

    1. Sounds great, I would keep up the good work. Next thing you know you're in a major film. I wish you the best on your endeavors. Tanika Garner aka Zoe Garner

  5. I've looked around what is in my area nothing serious just drama groups, a couple of places didn't get back to me so I guess they are not interested, there is one that roles have already been given so I'll go help them with the backstage work and hopefully see if i can get into one of their next plays. Though next year when I have saved up a bit to be able to travel to auditions I'd like to do that, I'll also get a head shot done before that, and i'm looking at some on line coaches I was thinking i would get some lessons for 6-7 months to try and improve so I can be at a good stage when I start going to auditions and hopefully land a role in a film or series failing that i'll even be an extra just starting off as the only experience I have right now is school plays and B in Drama GCSE years ago, I'm going to use as much time as I can now to learn though and hopefully start doing auditions next year.

    1. Hey Charlotte, Good luck with your plans.I haven't found any projects i can work on or help with too,in my community. so i am planning on taking more online lessons before i start college in January.

  6. My plans and goals Include,
    • Enrolling into a school that can help me grow as an actress, get recognized and help me with my career.

    • Do my own acting as often as possible.

    • I was also thinking that since I am an activist, I will use my talent to raise awareness through a video channel that will help with the problems facing the world.

  7. Become part of the community plays
    Research talent agencies
    Earn a small/one time role in a tv series or movie

  8. Short term goals: participate in local plays and competitions
    Long term goals: study drama and music and become an actor and professional musician

  9. Short term goals: Following all the advice that was given to me from Day 1 to Part 10 of Freedrama. Along with applying to auditions and casting calls. I already have a fiveer account and a mycastingcall account.
    Long term goals: Honor what I learn, and surpress my expectations by continuing to practice act, give back to the community, and learn as much as I can. I feel you can never learn too much when it comes to any career you see promising to your life, regardless of the reason your doing it just as long as you enjoy it or dream it.