Monday, January 4, 2016

What kind of actor will you be? Finding the right acting path for your life

I had a young actor ask me if they should be picky about their roles and try not to get type cast.  Do all young actors have to take whatever they are offered no matter what the role is?

My answer:

Any new actor struggles with this, not just young ones. Many famous actors started out as a "type" - Tom Hanks started as a comedy actor but gained enough respect that he was able to get other types of roles later. 

It all depends on your goal. If you want to be a full time actor now then you need to take whatever you can get. Be thankful you have jobs because many, many actors don't have any acting jobs at all. 

Or you can take a path of enjoying acting for art of it and be an artist. You won't make a living at acting right away but you might enjoy it more. It becomes a hobby and a passion instead of just a job.

I chose the second path with my writing and I feel like I enjoy it and love it a lot more because I focused on the art and love of writing instead of just trying to make money at it.

There are two paths for you to pick from. Whatever you decide, enjoy the journey!

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