Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What makes a good theater performance?


What makes a good play? To all you theater goers out there, I have a question! What makes a good play in your opinion? What is the most important element of a good play to you? And what is the biggest draw-back in a performance? As I am now graduating theater directing, I am just wondering what do you, my future public (I hope :)) find most compelling. Thank you! M. p.s. If you are ok with that, can you please say from which country or part of the world are you from, as I believe different cultures have different points of views on theater, different from my country or region (Serbia-Balkan-Eastern Europe) 11 hours ago - 1 week left to answer. Report Abuse stars - mark this as Interesting!


I would say the best theatre experience draws the audience in so they feel they are part of the show. Either the show is interactive or the story draws them in to the point where they feel they are a bystander watching something unfold right in front of them. You want an audience to have an emotional response from the experience of seeing the show. I am from the United States (West).

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