Thursday, May 2, 2013

Becoming a film director

Question: i want to be a director of film but im really discouraged. kids my age know so much about it already and i dont know squat. where do people go to get movies sponsered? and what does the producer do thats different or the same as the director? what classes in college do i take for this kind of job? and i'd love to know anything else you guys can think of that u think i should know. thanks so much for helping me! Answer: If you wanted to make a career of it, the best colleges to go to are in LA (like USC or UCLA). Those schools would give you the background to be a director and create connections for you for jobs later. Most other colleges won't have programs that focus on directing or won't have connections to jobs. A director can be a producer too or they can be two different people. A producer is usually the person with the money and the connections. The producer sometimes hires the director or the director goes out and finds a producer for a project. If you have money, then you can be the producer. If you don't have the money, you find someone to produce. The best way to start out is directing short films. Find a good short script (here are several: and make a movie. It doesn't matter if you have a great camera or crew, just get practice making movies. I made a lot of bad, short movies before winning an Emmy Award so go out and have fun and you'll learn from each movie you make (good or bad). When you get a good short movie made, then you submit it to film festivals and hopefully win some awards. And hopefully get some attention from producers who want to help you make a longer movie.

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