Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Make a Backyard Play Production for some summer fun!

Here's a fun idea for summer for young actors. Get your friends together, pick a play and do a summer backyard theatre.

Here are a few fun scripts to consider:

"Rock, Sword, Firecracker!" Short comedy about the legend behind the game of Rock, Scissors, Paper. 3+ actors (any gender)

"Touched by an Alien" Short comedy about space explorers that discover a new kind of alien. 5 actors of any gender (plus possible non-speaking roles).

"Stung" A short comedy about someone who wants to be one with nature but nature doesn't like her. (4 speaking parts with possible extras)

"Fart-Zen" - very short play for three or more actors (any gender)

Get some big old sheets for a curtain, use a rope to hang them, get chairs or towels for seats and make popcorn. Invite your families of all your actors to come see the show.

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