Sunday, June 9, 2013

Successful production in Albania of Somebody Famous (on to Kosovo)

It's great to hear that the production of my play "Somebody Famous" is going well in Albania. I got a wonderful compliment too that my play was universal, down to earth and humane. Here is an update from the producer:

On behalf of cast and crew of "Somebody Famous" it is my duty to convey to you our congratulations and gratifications for a successful production, opened last night (7th of June) at 8 p.m. in Tirana. The auditorium was full of young and old people, professional theatre-doers and random or regular theatre-goers, where there was a strong feeling throughout the play of an overall joyful and exciting discourse between actors and them. Apart from many ongoing laughs aroused and some claps during the play they were so keen on listening the whole line of the story and it's outcomes unfolding. Great reception at the end, with a long applause.

As translator of dozen of plays, I'm often concerned with the universality of the subjects contained in them and how those will include audience's emotional and thinking process. So, the first time I watch them staged I try to follow this line of discourse. I can definitely say that this happened last night as the play was delivered to the audience. They embraced the story and identified with where the character's were coming from which made the whole plot very engaging to watch as event were disclosing. The play and its words felt very Albanian, but mainly very down to earth and humane, which leads me to congratulate you for a very universally conversing work and for letting us freely to be part of it and me enjoying the work on its translation.

The play will continue to be performed tonight and the following night. And next week it will travel in Prishtina, Kosovo, since it is an Albanian speaking country as well. Then after the summer Theatre season break it will come back on stage in September. If then we will make video of it, I'll make sure to send a copy, so you can have a much better insight on the overall production.

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