Saturday, August 3, 2013

Fairy Tale Improv Games for Kids (make it a full production)

Here are ideas to create a full show with Fairy Tale Improv Games for Kids from

Honey Walk: All actors walk in place. They are walking through the forest to Grandma's house. The audience calls out different things they must walk through. Snow, ice, mud, jello, honey...

Use Mad-Script Little Blank Riding Hood with suggestions from audience

Fairy Tale in a Minute: The actors get a fairy tale title from the audience and then act out the story in one minute. Then they must act out the same thing in 30 seconds. THEN they must act it out in 10 seconds.

Use Mad-Script 3 Little Pigs with suggestions from audience

Stunt Doubles: 2 Actors are acting a scene such as dealing with a big bad wolf or wicked witch or helping Rapunzel escape from her tower. When it comes time to do a "dangerous" step (such as turning on the hose) they call in their stunt doubles.

Use Mad-Script Rapunzel

Lines from our Pockets: The audience will write lines for the actors to say. Someone will collect the lines and not show them to the actors. The actors will act out a fairy tale scene and then they must interject the lines into the scene.

Use Mad-Script Cinderella with suggestions from audience

Here Comes Jill: One actress plays Jill who is off stage. The other two actors are Jack and a friend. Jack and the friend describes what Jill is like while she is off stage. Jill enters looking for her pail and when she comes in, she has to act like she is described.

Use Mad-Script Princess and the Blank

Press Conference This is good for getting a kid to feel comfortable standing in front of a group by themselves. One kid volunteers to be the "famous fairy tale character." The kid becomes the famous character by acting the same as the person and using their voice or accent but can only answer yes or no. The other students interview the "famous character" and they get yes or no answers until they can guess who it is.

Or check out this awesome fairy tale comedy "Holka Polka"

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